View Full Version : January 15, 1968 ~ Da Nang - From Cooks Diary

01-15-03, 08:01 PM
So 15 days later, Jan 30th, I'm at the same R&R center as you were. I'm on my way to Sydney for 7 days. I buddy up with a corpsman from India Co and end up sharing a room with him when we finally arrive. Can't remember his name.. The next morning we're scheduled to fly away. That night while dreaming of Australia the friggin TET offensive of 68 breaks out all around us. No weapons in the whole compound, fun night hiding in a bunker. They brought over some new guys from the transit barracks and had them guard us. Survived it none the less and made it out the next day. 7 days of hot showers, cold beer, great food and the sexiest women I've ever experienced. Got back, waited forr the same truck you did, and stepped back into Hell.
Enjoyed the picture of your son..

01-19-03, 07:02 AM
I wonder if that was Doc Mc?

If I remember right he ended up going to Australia, I'll see if I have a picture of him around here someplace.