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09-28-06, 09:46 AM
Hey, I am in the process of customizing a T-shirt that Im going to order tonight. I have a question about the EGA, though. Is there a difference between the silver and gold EGA, because I heard somewhere once that the silver EGA is for officers- and I do not want to wear an officer EGA on me, for I am not an officer or even a Marine yet. Also, so you all understand, I am making 100 percent sure that I include a quote/statement/text on the shirt that clearly identifies me as someone who wants to be a Marine- I will make sure that it does not look as if I am trying to pretend to be a Marine. Thank you all.

09-28-06, 09:51 AM
First, it is NOT an EGA..

It is called a Eagle Globe an Anchor

Second, since YOU are not a Marine yet...You didn't earn that Right..;)

Third, can I ask You why Your not in school learning at this hour.;)


09-28-06, 10:33 AM

She's right Dave - can't fly it if you ain't earned it...............even if you are a wannabe.....................

09-28-06, 10:39 AM
Go enlist...IF you make it through MEPS, then you can wear the shirt that they give you there. And why would you wear a shirt that says you are a wannabe?

09-28-06, 12:32 PM
I believe the answer you are looking for can be found at either MCRD stations during one of the history classes.

EGA? Don't be so lazy.

09-28-06, 12:48 PM
I guess I am guilty of the same sin, because I have always called in an EGA.

Regardless, there are differences between the officer and enlisted insignia. However, I don't believe that color is one of the issues. It is a matter of a small island nation and a fouled anchor.

09-28-06, 03:08 PM
Third, can I ask You why Your not in school learning at this hour.;)


LMAO busted!!! :p