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09-26-06, 03:13 PM
I was wondering if anyone has first hand experience with being a Marine 0351 Assaultman/Demolitions... I know the definition of a 0351. What I wanted to know is if anyone has first had experience in being one. And could maybe... shed some first hand experience on what it is like to be one.

Thank you for your time.


09-26-06, 11:52 PM
I guess there are no non-active 0351's on this board. When joining the Marine Corps... my sonís choice... was 0351 Assaultman/Demolitions. Heís in his SOI/MOS training now in North Carolina. Iíve read what I could find on the net... maybe I can find something at our local library. Thanks again anyway...

09-27-06, 11:13 AM
8 hours and 39 minutes may not be enough time to get reply’s on this board LOL. Even I only glance at this page once every few days.

Give it a few more days, someone with the information you are seeking will likely pop on to the site and be able to answer your questions. If no one here can answer your questions one thing is for sure your son is a Marine and in training at the moment to be an even better asset to the Marine Corps, the United States and the American way of life.

Your Marine will likely fill you in on what he does when he can. All Marine MOS training schools move at an accelerated tempo so any lack of communications you are currently receiving from your son is most likely due to extremely long days and fatigue.

If you are in a hurry to know what that job is all about I am sure that if you contact a local Marine Corps Recruiter that they will be all too happy to get you up to speed on the topic.

Good luck

09-27-06, 11:45 AM
I can tell you that, I was not a 51, but from what I remember of the 51's they were SMAW gunners that were attached to a squad that may need the employment of the SMAW. I work with a former 0351 that just got out of the Corps...I will ask him and see what he remembers doing the most.

09-27-06, 12:37 PM
Oh yeah that refreshes my memory some. Weapons platoon was in the next squad bay and I now remember they had the “bunker blasters” (SMAW’s). for lack of a better description they were attached to infantry units and had a unique weapon designed to attack bunkers and other obstacles that you might encounter on a battle field. Something like shoulder fired artillery of some kind.

Hope this helps until a real 0351 steps up with the info =)

Semper FI

09-27-06, 01:30 PM
As an 0341 (mortar man) from a few decades ago, I can only relate history. But I'm sur the structure is much the same. If an actual 0351 gets in here, they can confirm or correct anything I offer. <br />

09-27-06, 02:51 PM
I thank each of you in your replies...
A little background... I do hear from my son on liberty. He has relayed information on his SOI/MOS training... weapons... tests taking... doing maneuvers... etc. I do ask questions of him on whatever topic he is talking about. But I let him lead the conversations where he wishes it/them to go... so I try not to mow him over with questions. It’s more important right now that he gets to talk about whatever he needs to. Sometimes he just wants to talk about home... other times its everything he’s learning... or about a test that is coming up and he’s hoping all goes well. I listen... let him know I and his family are here for him [we’ve got his back.] and are ever supportive.

I don’t doubt him... but as everyone knows there are times when they doubt themselves. I remind him of who he is... in or out of a uniform... how far he’s come... how well he did through boot camp... and now as a Marine in his training. So as far as question... I do ask them... just not as many as I’d like.

I’ve looked up the 0351 [as I stated] on the net. But for me it seems generic... I know about the weapons they use and have even viewed a training tape I found through my searching of a 0351 Assaultman. I hope this doesn’t sound off the wall... but listening to my son talk about his weapons training... and viewing the weapons they get to shoot/fire. I was a little green with envy even if I am female.

I’m trying to live by the motto... worry when you have something to worry about. He’s still in his SOI/MOS training... and my worrying at this point is pointless [I’m learning.] Not to say the question of "what if " doesn’t roll around in my head from time to time... but I push it right back out again. Lets be honest he’s still stateside... and still in training. The parents [and loved ones] that have a Marine or a Soldier in the sandbox far out weighs any worries I’d have about my son at this point.

I believe in him... have faith in him and trust in his ability to do [and take] whatever is put before him. And he's told me... that those... that are conducting his training... have done their time in Afghanistan and Iraq [and in turn are now doing there part to train their follow/fellow Marines.] What more could a parent ask for... than for [their loved one... their] Marine to be not only trained by the BEST. But that the BEST has been there and back.

I guess some of what I’m really searching for... is what an 0351 Assaultman’s life will be like once out of SOI/MOS training... including being shipped overseas. And the weapons/demolitions aspect of being an 0351 Assaultman... I find very interest. The weight of the weapon... the size of shells used... as well as the use of C4 and TNT. I haven’t read about C5... is this the same as C4 but a higher grade of explosive?

I thank you all for taking the time to reply.

09-27-06, 04:11 PM
OK...from the Horses Mouth...my co-worker, was an 0351 who JUST got out and has been to Iraq once. Basically he states that 0351's are regular infantry Marines. A "gun team" is attached to a squad of infantrymen, and perform the same duties as a regular infantryman...squad rushes, sweeps, patrols etc...until the squad leader calls for the SMAW, then they go to work. He also stated that since they are DEMO guys, they can use the C4 to blow weapons caches. The SMAW can be used for KNOWN IED's, blowing holes in buildings, and things like that. Hope that helps. SEMPER

09-27-06, 10:29 PM
I just want to thank STA0311 for going the extra mile to answer this question. This is the first time I can remember seeing anyone talk about the SMAW on this site. Having the information come from a recent combat vet SMAW gunner is great.

Born Invincible
09-28-06, 04:05 AM
ok ok to clarify the MOS has changed alot in the last year. 0351 is now an infantry demolitions/breacher. They deal mostly with dynamic building entry. They still utilize the SMAW but only the...

09-28-06, 07:08 AM
That is why I left the Tank part out...didnt want to cause confusion by saying that they used to be tank killers, but arent anymore.

Born Invincible
09-30-06, 12:24 PM
That is why I left the Tank part out...didnt want to cause confusion by saying that they used to be tank killers, but arent anymore.

oh ok.

10-02-06, 02:59 PM
SMAW gunners have a new toy that's come out in the last couple of years, called the SMAW (SP) round. This sucker is basically a thermal explosive that will decimate an entire wall of a building in a single shot. Got a bunch of bad guys holed up in a structure? No need to clear it, just bring your gun team up, find the load bearing wall, drop a SMAW(SP) round into it, and watch the whole thing come down. Serious kill power.

10-03-06, 01:40 PM
I spent my first enlistment in Iraq as an 0351 with 1/7. They are integrated into a platoon, known as weapons plt. within a line company. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd plt consists of basic 0311 infantrymen. Once they deploy overseas they are dispursed out among the platoons in teams. They are a very important element available to the 0311's. We didn't get to use a lot of demo because they like to give those missions to EOD, and combat engineers. They primarily are attached to 0311's and may sometimes be used primarily like 0311's.

Smaw Gunners are a dying breed. The word is they are not training anymore 0351's with the Smaw. They plan to hand it over to the 0311's and make 51's primarily demo.

01-06-13, 07:55 AM
0351 is or was a Dragon Gunner their primary mission for a while was anti tank and demolitions, although I would not fire one at tank now a days as the tank would most likely kill you before the missile hits the tank. The dragon is a wire guided shoulder fired rocket launcher and when fired has to be guided by the operator from the time the rocket is fired all the way to impact. This puts the gunner in extreme danger as the rocket appears to bounce down range due to its propulsion designed and is very slow. The dragon was probably only used as an anti tank weapon for a short amount of time and was then utilized as a bunker buster. It was thought one would aim the Dragon at the tracks of the tank or between the turret and the body of the tank. The Dragon had two tracking systems or should I say sights or scopes if you will. Day tracker and a night tracker (infrared). Hope this answers your question. If you would like to know more I may be able to help you a little but I dont claim to be an expert as I did not design it but I did fire a couple of them in my Dragon years and saw a few more some of which miss fired. If anyone finds any of my information to be false or in accurate feel free to let me know as I would not like to put out any wrong information.

Semper Fi

Lisa 23
01-06-13, 09:59 AM
0351drgn.....you do realize that the original poster hasn't posted in this thread in over 6 years, don't you?

01-09-13, 10:40 PM
Hello there. I am a former 0351 myself that served with G 2/7 on one tour each to Iraq and Afghanistan. I graduated SOI in Feb of 2006. I was part of the last class to receive SMAW, Demo AND Javelin training. A huge part of the rest of your career will depend on where you go after SOI. 0351's get lumped into either a line company or a weapons company. Experiences will vary greatly between the two. I went to a line company. There I was playing the role of an 0311 about 95% of the time. A huge chunk of your life will be dictated by your command. My command had no idea how to use us properly....so they didn't. We became just normal grunts with perhaps a little bit extra knowledge. I can say that for me personally I used 0351 specific training perhaps twice the entire time I was in.

Javelins? Used by Weapons Company. Not line.
SMAWs? Never even had them in Iraq and judged too cumbersome and heavy for the grueling nature of life in Afghanistan.
Demo? Never. Our command didn't trust us I guess. They had our attached engineers do everything.

So I guess that even though I was an 0351 I was just another basic rifleman. And I wouldn't have it any other way. Weapons platoon in a line company to me is just better in just about every aspect that a basic line platoon. So we fought like Marines of old....but got treated marginally better.

Dragons are archaic technology. They were phased out sometime in the early 90's I believe.

So to any new prospective Assaultman out there. Your life will have several branches with vastly different outcomes at the end of each....and you will have no way to control any of it.

0351 is the weird stepchild of the infantry. Constantly changing, not sure if going to be around next year, respected and hated at the same time, and no one outside of the Assaultman family really knows what to make of us. We are useful...if used.

04-22-14, 12:28 PM
I know this is a dated request, but if you are still interested...

I am a 0351 from the 1970's, and the job description has undergone many revisions. Our primary weapon was the 106mm recoilless rifle for anti-tank assault. They were twice as old as we were and were already obsolete.

We were actually deployed with machine guns!

04-22-14, 01:08 PM
holy thread dig!

05-05-14, 04:02 AM
Well it good to have updated information.

Word is being passed.

Eliminatus, The Dragon was being phased out by 2000.

Just like their 0352 -TOWs bros, the Dragon was expensive to shoot all the time.

Unlike mortars, we always shooting something down range.


06-11-14, 09:20 PM
LOL, just signed up for this board because I saw your post. I realize this is quite dated. Did you get the information you were looking for? I was a Dragon gunner in the Gulf. 0351 was Dragon Gunner, not the SMAW.

06-11-14, 09:38 PM
You could not have described that any better. We were the unwanted stepchild, in the way, useful for guard duty etc until the armor rolled in. Then they couldn't get to us fast enough. The line company had two reactions: those that hooked up with us and tried to do whatever they could to learn or help; and the ones that went into Holy Crap mode.
But, your assessment? Right on. And you were also right in that I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. I started my career in comm. When I moved and transferred duty station, there was no need for the gear I worked on/with so I learned to be a Dragon assaultman. Fun stuff. make stuff go Boom

06-11-14, 09:39 PM
LOL, yeah well. I just found this site myself. Wish I would have sooner.