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09-24-06, 06:17 PM
Hello, Marines. I have a question for some of the reservists, please: How do you find out what vacancies need to be filled at a certain reserve unit? I've gone to a website for a certain reserve unit in Oklahoma, and can't find a vacancy list. Thank you.

09-24-06, 06:53 PM
Barret, are you wanting to know about Fox Btry or TOW Co?

Regardless, the correct answer is to talk to a recruiter. The information about the strength of a unit isn't going to be made public.

09-24-06, 06:57 PM
Fox Battery, Sir. There's a recruiter down the street from my parent's old office, I've talked on the phone with him. I'm not yet 17, so my dad said it's not legal for him to try to recruit me yet. And by the way: On Fox Batteries web site, it shows some sort of missile launching system, and no Artillery. Isn't a battery an Artillery battery?

09-24-06, 07:07 PM
That is the MLRS, which is something that artillery units use to accomplish the same mission, with a much greater range. Just a guess, but I would assume that they have openings for 0811, 0621, and...

09-24-06, 07:11 PM
Thank you for the help, Echo. I appreciate it. It really helps to have another okie around here to know what I'm talking about.

09-24-06, 07:14 PM
No problem Barret. I'll try to see what openings there are at Fox for you this week. I think I still know a couple of the I&I guys there. Of course, since you aren't ready to enlist yet, there is no telling what may, or may not, be open for you then.

And of course, since I chose to go to TOW Co. when I went reserve after I got out, I have to say not to forget them. It is a cool system to be around, and there are some great people in the unit.

09-24-06, 07:23 PM
Which MOS do people use the TOW missiles with? I know it's not infantry. Is it Armor? I know a Gunny who got a medical discharge from the Corps that was actually in the Oklahoma Anti-tank Unit. <br />

09-25-06, 12:51 PM
I don't know of anyone that got discharged for getting hurt up there, but I lost track of most of the guys after I got out. There were some SNCOs that I really liked up there, so that's too bad. I...