View Full Version : Military Report January 13, 2003 Issue

01-14-03, 09:20 AM
All Marines Must Remain On Duty
Preparing for possible war against Iraq, the Marine Corps has taken the unusual step of stopping all Marines from leaving the service for the coming 12 months.


Military Deal Of the Week: Motorbooks.com
This week's Military Deal of the Week is a 15% discount on military and auto books at Motorbooks.com. Motorbooks.com carries the largest selection of military history, aviation, automotive, and motorcycle books


ASYMCA Art Contest Deadline Approaches
Elementary school artists of military families have until Jan. 27 to enter the 2003 Armed Services YMCA Art Contest and earn a chance to win a $500 Savings Bond.


Colonel Promotion Boards To Reconvene
The Fiscal Year 2002 boards to promote non-special-branch lieutenant colonels will reconvene with a new panel. After the boards recessed, a review discovered an administrative error -- specifically that some joint-service information provided to the boards was incomplete


Navy Announces Future Training Strategy for East Coast Forces
The U.S. Navy and Marine Corps will cease military training on the Vieques Inner Range by May 1, 2003.


Navy _Eval, Fitrep Status Available Online
Reporting seniors and other Navy personnel now have an online means of obtaining fitness reports (FITREPS) and evaluation information.


Partial Tax Exemption Okayed For Home Sales
Under the law, servicemembers who sell a home must have resided in it for at least two years out of the previous five to qualify for a capital gains tax exemption (up to $250,000 for an individual and $500,000 for a couple). However, an IRS regulation of Dec. 24 allows members and others who are transferred 50 miles or more from their residence before reaching the two-year threshold to qualify for prorated exemptions.


Some Airlines Waive Ticket Exchange Fees For Troops
Some U.S. airlines are adjusting their rules so service members won't have to pay penalties if they need to alter ticket reservations because of military duty.


TriWest Healthcare Alliance Offers $100,000 Reward
TriWest Healthcare Alliance, a TRICARE contractor, is offering a $100,000 reward to help catch thieves who made off with client files from its Arizona office on Dec. 14


TROA is Now the Military Officers Association of America
The Retired Officers Association (TROA) has become the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA). MOAA historically has pursued legislative and policy actions on a variety of active duty, Reserve, and National Guard issues, in addition to its heavy and effective focus on lobbying for military retiree programs.


U.S. Pets Traveling To U.K. Must Still Be Licensed Into Quarantine
Currently, cats and dogs coming into the United Kingdom from the United States must still be licensed into quarantine. The U.K. government extended its Pet Travel Scheme Dec. 11, 2002,to include the United States.