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09-19-06, 05:20 PM
Just when I think that this little girl is so amazing, she wirtes this for a work assignment at school. Tell me that this little girl is not special.


Ok, I have just about had enough tears for a while, then Taylor brings in her home work assignment to me. It was for her English class and she had to type of a page of anything she wanted. Now mind you, she is 12, but at times her phrases are of that of an adult. This is what she choose to write about and I will do it word for word:

I would like to talk about Sergeant De Roo's memorial service. As you may have read, Sergeant Gabriel De Roo has recently past away, a victim of the Iraq was and I went to pay tribute to him and his family. I also was paying tribute with the Patriot Guard Riders. They are a group of people, mainly veterans who have served and their wives. Their job is to honor, but also to stand in front of protestors so that the family does not have to see the protesters. The protesters I am talking about are the people who protested at Staff Sergeant Morris funeral service I went to last summer (you may have never heard of him before) and to hear that they had their children protest with their parents, that makes them even more insane then they already are! I wish that I could go up to them and give them a few words to think about!! Even better, to pass a law to ban all protesting at soldier's funerals. That would be nice to not have that evil in this world and for more people to be patriotic like the Patriot Guard Riders and me. Now I am not trying to brag or anything but everyone says that I am special, and I am not saying I don't like what these people are saying about me but I am nothing special. The people of the Patriot Guard Riders are the ones who are special. I hope to be a Patriot Guard Rider soon. I just want to be with them so that I can know everyone and be more involved with them. Can you think of any way to be more patriotic?

Ok Thor, I ask you, do you think that your group made a HUGE impact on her life? I think she summed it up perfectly. All of you.....ALL OF YOU....your example WILL be followed!

09-19-06, 10:56 PM
She just keeps on inspiring us all!! :)

09-19-06, 11:15 PM
Darn eyes are leakin' again!!!!

usmcthor, have you told, and are you able to, this little girl about our site? I for one would be honored to to chat with this fine young lady and her family. After all, she IS one of us, as far as this jarhead is concerned.

09-20-06, 09:09 PM
I told her what I am trying to plan for her. If you have read the other thread on this amazing little girl you will know where I am going with this.

When I spoke with Ms Batten tonight I told her about the Marine Corps Museum having a soft opeing on the 21st of October and that I would give the Patriot Gurad's letter to the director to see if I can't get Taylor and her mom to the museum. Also, since she is going to be at NIH which right accross from NNMC Bethesda would she mind if I sent the letter to the Liasion there to see if Taylor could meet some of her heros. Her mom being overwhelmed said yes. So I am going to give it a good try all around with this. Ms Batten told me that Taylor's tests will be from 08:00 till about 16:00 dayly while she is ther and that the tests are from the 15th - the 20th. She is trying to extend her stay so her daughter can see some of the sights of Washington D. C. and to go to the museum on the 21st.

I am hoping that this can be done. There are more things that we spoke of tonight all very touching about her daughter, and the Marines that have opened up themselves to her daughter.

Semper Fi all

p.s. allergies are terrible here in Virginia too.

Mike McIntyre
09-22-06, 12:47 PM
Very nice Gunny!

09-25-06, 11:58 AM
I spoke with her mom this morning about her intinerary for her NIH visit and NNMC visit. I spoke with the liasion last week and he is jumping on this personnaly. He said after all Gunns I have kids of my own. As far as the Museum visit that is in the works through the director. If Taylor has enough energy left she will be able to go on the 21st as planned (October). I hope that I can meet this young lady, if I don't I will understand if she can't make it.