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01-14-03, 08:50 AM
The U.S. Marine Corps is looking for a few good trucks.

They found some at Trans Pro Express Trucking Co. Temporarily located in Gentry, the company will move its offices to Watts, Okla., next week.

According to Keith Wilmoth of Trans Pro Express, the company is participating as part of a new recruiting program for the USMC.

In the past, billboards were used for recruitment advertising, but billboard advertising is expensive, and ads must be replaced frequently. The USMC came up with a plan to use vinyl wraps with graphics displaying Marine themes and information on the sides and rear of semitrailers. "We started in August working with the Marine Corps. We didn’t know if we would be selected for this," Wilmoth said. "They said they would let us know the first of December if we’d been chosen."

According to Wilmoth, the USMC was looking for companies with newer equipment. Trans Pro Express was started one year ago as a joint venture between Keith Wilmoth and Lewis Wilmoth. Keith Wilmoth handles running the trucking venture. Lewis Wilmoth and his wife, Jodie, own Phase 1 Turnkey, a contracting business which frequently handles Gentry city contracts.