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01-12-03, 10:09 PM
Many people contributed to the list of suggestions of things to send your Marine. Many also repeated over and over NOT to send anything to recruits until they write you and specifically ask for something. You will see suggestions in the main hints list of things that were sent to recruits, especially right before the Crucible. Again, these moms checked with their recruit BEFORE they sent anything. One mom described the issue very well. She said that, "Our recruits are in Boot Camp for one purpose, the business of becoming Marines." It is not summer camp - no matter how sorry you feel for them, you will only make matters worse by sending unsolicited items to your recruit. They already are getting enough attention from their DI - they don't want any more.

That first letter from your Recruit

One of the most asked questions regarding boot camp is "When will I hear from my son/daughter?" Rest assured you will hear from your recruit but it could be a week or even up to two before the first letter arrives. And don't be surprised if that first letter sounds a little "robotic", it is pretty much dictated by the DI's for the recruits to copy and send since it will include a new address for the recruit. But that next letter will be one that you will easily recognize as one from your son/daughter. The first letters you receive from your recruit may be a little depressing for you. But, have heart, with each progressive letter your recruit will get stronger and more confident in their endeavors. You can see them grow into a MARINE.

What to Send

Letters - lots of them constantly! They cannot get enough mail. Encourage family members and friends to write also. They also like news clippings from home and pictures. Any pictures you send may have to be shared with everyone - so keep that in mind! Most moms agree that it was also ok to send stamps to your recruit. That's about it until they write and ask for specific things.

After you hear from your recruit and check, they will probably like to get pre-printed labels, with their address on some and yours on others. Make sure you have the proper postage on your letters - one recruit had to pay in sweat for 12 cents postage due!

What Might Happen....

Recruits have had to eat entire batches of homemade cookies all at once, had to give them all away, or just have them taken away. Some have had to do extra PT (physical training) to be allowed to keep their "surprise" gifts from home - or do extra PT in addition to having to eat them all or give them all away. Other items might be taken away from your recruit until graduation.

When your Marine graduates they have to pack everything they own in one bag and take it to an assigned place before the ceremony. What does not fit may have to be discarded, so send copies of pictures just in case. Also, your Marine may have changed in size since the beginning of boot camp, so may need clothes in new sizes after graduation.

After they graduate and go on to training you can shower them with packages from home and they will love it!