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09-01-06, 04:21 PM
Poolees I just wanted to stop by and tell you to seek all you can from these "Outstanding MARINES" you have in your presence. I was just a young LCPL when I first came onto this site and now today I picked up "SERGEANT OF MARINES!" OORAH! I tell you what though, if it wasn't for the MARINES I mean't on this site and even a few of you moto poolees, I don't know if I would be standing here today with all this rank behind me. Ssgt Nelson was and still is my mentor. That MARINE is the real thing! The advice we give is not always going to be something you really want to hear, trust me I know; but on that same note, we'll never tell you anything we haven't already had some prior insight on or even been through. No question is too dumb so feel free to pick our brains about anything. It helps when you have someone who's already successfully reached that goal you're striving towards. Stay moto. :iwo:

09-01-06, 04:24 PM
Congratulations SGT..... What times the wetdown? :)

09-03-06, 02:37 PM
Nothing more fun than a wet down and pinning lol!