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08-31-06, 05:37 PM

It seem just like yesterday that my fellow "ALL THE WAY"
aka Sgt. George H. Morrow aka Nomad
extended an invitation to join this message board.
Thanks George and May God grant you eternal peace we pray.

Since I joined there have been many changes.
Thank Shaffer and all the monitors here.

Its nice that Poole's can come here
and gain more than an education
of what they will be facing in the days ahead.

Its also a place that those seeking help
on what we now come to know as PTSD.
There's countless Marines,
that have gone through all the hurt and pain associate with PTSD.

For all those returning from Afghanistan or Iraq,
we here to listen and offer a little knowledge
that we gained through our suffering.
If I may...
Please slow down...trying to gain the edge,
one felt in combat by speeding on the Highways or Parkways,
Will only result in an early death.
After you survived one or more deployments.
You have a lot information to give those following you.
Also I want a replacement, when my time comes to checkout...
See I'm selfish and oneway...

I've come to meet more Marines now, than when I was active.
And they come in two flavors...Men and Women.
God. Thank You for all these women...
Where would we be without their support all over this world
Lord, many have died in distant lands.
Many will never get the chance to hold an infant
they just gave birth to,
many will never see the children they gave birth to...
we weep for their deaths as we did all the men that we served with.
Lord if that makes me weak...
well than all I can say,
maybe you meant me to be that way...

I would be remissed if I left out all the Marine Friends
and our fellow Marines known as the Royal Marines...
May we served in many distant lands
As we are doing now and have in the past...

If I left anybody out please forgive
As I getting older by the minute...
My real age is 66 years of age,
but Vietnam left me feeling 90...

May God bless you
And all our military serving world wide...

08-31-06, 05:42 PM
Thank You!

It is our pleasure reading your posts...

Leatherneck was buit to be a HOME for the Marines


08-31-06, 05:53 PM
Now for 2001, my desktop has the flag raising on Iwo Jima
from the trailer on the fore coming movie.
Just now I took a real close look,
or the thought occurred to me,
there's no way that they can get as it really happened
on top of Mount Suribachi on 23 February 1945.
Because as the second Flag (most famous) was going up , the first Flag was coming down.
That would call for too many actors.
So most likely all we will see is those six actors hoisting the Flag.
AH! Maybe...
Age has it privileges...
Will I be around for 3000?

08-31-06, 06:42 PM
Age has it privileges.

Yes it does!


08-31-06, 06:51 PM
God bless you brother! It would not be the same around here without your threads and posts. Welcome home!

Semper Fi,

08-31-06, 07:20 PM
I been studying the turns that lanuage has taken from the very early Me Tarzan...but how does one choose words to express the emotions one feels because words of kindness were directed your way.
A simple Thank You or Gracias might not be enough...
As one ages, one comes to understand that with titles;
There comes a great of deal of responsibility.
As a young man, I chose to enlist into the United States Marine Corps.
On my graduation day, the last words spoken to by our Senior Drill Instructor.
"If you do wrong, soon or later you will have to answer or pay for doing wrong"
Those are never far in my memory...its very easy to led astray.
Than its when you have to dig down inside of yourself.
Next came husband than father.
Now they're all grown and living their own lifes.
One son followed me onto the yellow footprints as did my youngest brother.
Next came grandfather or papa as my grandchildren address me.
So from this view point I'm able to see the world I live in and my heart breaks on hearing that there been deaths of Americans.
I pray that I haven't wander too far.
I just sitting here think...
Tango, Hotel, Alpha, November, Kilo space Yankee, Oscar, Uniform...
God, How Love being a Marine...