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08-29-06, 01:35 AM
If I am saying something wrong not factual would appreciate being corrected.
My friend who is a college proffessor and I were discussing the military problems today and he had what I thought was a pretty good solution.
He did not come up with this idea but borrowed it from Hitler.
He said that due to the treaty signed after WWI Germany could not have a large standing military. So,to circumvent this Hitler declared all men of military age would have to serve for six months on active duty. They were trained and sent home to be replaced with more men for six months.
He continued doing this until he had a huge army which he could and did activate when he was ready to start the war.
My question is this why can't the United States use this same method to have a fully trained military to use in case we ever needed them.
I realize that there would huge problems if this were to be
The reason I am putting this question to you men and women is that since joining I have found this to be site filled with military savvy people.
So what is your feedback on this question?