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January 8, 2003

Marine Corps Puts One-year Hold On Troop Separations

The Marine Corps is putting a one-year hold on active and reserve personnel
separations so the service can meet its manpower needs for future
operations, according to Commandant Gen. James Jones. Marines who plan to
retire as of April 1 or earlier will be allowed to leave, Jones said today
in a message to the Corps.

Over the past several months the Marines have sent troops to the Persian
Gulf region as part of a normal deployment. In November, the 26th Marine
Expeditionary Unit left Norfolk, VA, as part of the Theodore Roosevelt
carrier battle group. A total of 15,000 Navy and Marine personnel sailed
with the battle group.

Navy Secretary Gordon England authorized the use of the "stop-loss" policy
for all Marines yesterday, according to Jones' message.

The cancellation date for Jones' message is Jan. 31, 2004. "This policy is
designed to assist in meeting manpower requirements for future operations,
and will, therefore, evolve to remain relevant to future developments in
mission requirements and our involvement in current operations," Jones said.
The Marine Corps is holding in abeyance all orders for Marines with a
detachment date of Feb. 15 or later, Jones said. All Marines retained in the
service under the policy will remain in their current status. "Our current
intent is to involuntarily extend Marines for a maximum of 12 months," Jones

The policy covers active-duty and reserve personnel as well as reservists on
active duty.
-- Thomas Duffy

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MC Bulletin 1900
http://www.network54.com/Forum/message?forumid=135069&messageid=1042121855Re MC Bulletin 1900 (http://www.network54.com/Forum/message?forumid=135069&messageid=1042121855)

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Not sure if the above is the same as previously posted by Drifter, and/or if it may be an update/amplification of prior info--so I went ahead and posted it anyway.

It came in this morning from Major Milavic's Milinet List--he is usually really up-to-date--my apology to all if this info is a dupe.


Dick G