View Full Version : Marine Corps officer charged in Iraq assaults

08-16-06, 06:40 PM
Marine Corps officer charged in Iraq assaults <br />
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By Will Dunham <br />
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The military has charged a U.S. Marine Corps officer with assaulting three Iraqi civilians in April, accusing him of beating and...

08-16-06, 06:51 PM
All I can say so far, is THANK GOD we have a new Commandant taking over our Corps who has some balls, unlike the current CMC, General Hagee.

Next up for early retirement should be the SgtMajMC, as well.

Just my two cents.


08-17-06, 07:22 AM
Officer charged with assault of three Iraqis <br />
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By Gidget Fuentes <br />
Staff writer <br />
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OCEANSIDE, Calif. — The Marine Corps charged an infantry platoon leader on Wednesday with assaulting three Iraqi...