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01-07-03, 09:01 AM
i was wondering if theres somthing im not doing right in my run .. i can get a good speed and a good pace but i cant keep it up for no more then a mile ..
what kind of cardio would help ?

and to the FMs what sthe secret on the dead arm hang i can last for 112 sec but i want it higher


PS to impress you guys i did my 5th pullup yesturday


01-07-03, 10:25 AM
Keep running the mile at a slower pace...build yourself up slowly...just increasing the pace everyday....Keep practicing to get where you should be.....

Work on upper body strength....

Good luck,

the drifter

Joe Gore
01-07-03, 10:45 AM
i always did more sprints. Try adding some 400m and 800m sprints to your workout. Make sure you always warm down after a workout. i find that always worked for me. Good Luck.

01-07-03, 11:01 AM
As far as running goes, pace yourself. Practice it until you get a good, steady rythm that won't kill you. The more you run, the better you get at running, and the easier it will become. When it gets pretty easy, try speeding up, but don't lose rythm.

It might also help if you shake your routine up a bit. Don't just run the 1.5 mi every time you run. Try running farther. You'll most likely need to slow down, but you'll find that the 1.5 mi will be easier after you run, say, a 3 mi. Might as well get used to the 3 mi as that's what we'll be working up to while we're on the Island, anyway.

Something else that might help your speed is if you can find a stretch of road with telephone poles. Start out sprinting from one pole to the next, then jogging or walking briskly for two telephone pole lengths. Run one, jog two. After that gets easy (it won't start out that way!), run one, jog one. You'll probably be surprised at how it helps.

The suggestions of adding weight will help, too, just make sure you don't overdo it. The last thing you want is to run for a few months and really progress to end up getting laid up with a sprained ankle for a few weeks. Running is horrible like that: a year's worth of work can go out the window in two weeks' time of not practicing. Also watch how much you stretch before you run. Stretching cold muscles can make them prone to injury. A few minutes of speed walking is a good warmup routine for the run.

On the FAH (flexed arm hang), I'll assume that was a typo and you meant 12 seconds, instead of 112. If you're hanging for 112, please share your secrets with the rest of us! Max is 70. If you're stuck at 12, PRACTICE IT. Tell your body to shut up, because you aren't letting go. Yes, it gets terribly boring. Who cares?

Do you know the Marines' Hymn yet? If you do, it helps if you sing it to yourself in your head. It also helps keep you motivated, because you're thinking towards the goal. Something I do when I PT (except for running) is I close my eyes and imagine an Eagle, Globe and Anchor. It's out of reach for now, but I'm working towards it. Guys tend to enjoy challenging me to pushup competitions. They all know I hope to become a Marine someday. That means that I represent the United States Marine Corps. I close my eyes, see the Emblem, and tell my body to just keep on pushing. There is no way I can mar a Title I haven't even begun to earn yet.

When you feel yourself dropping, pull back up. Don't give up. Don't let yourself think, "Oh crap, I'm dropping." If you think that, it will be a million times easier to just give up. Marines don't give up. If you hope to become one someday, you might as well practice now. Same things goes for the whole Honor, Courage and Commitment thing, but that's a whole 'nother post. You'll get credit for any amount of time there's any degree of flexion in your arms, whether your chin is above the bar or not, so just pull back up and keep on hanging.

Anyway, let me know how it goes.

01-07-03, 12:22 PM
For the running, just like everyone else has said, you need to pace yourself. If you're getting good speed on the 1 mile, that's great, but if that's as far as you can go, you are overdoing yourself. Vary your running distances, and also do some cross training (inline skating, swimming, etc...). Sprints are also very helpful. As you run, make sure you control your breathing. That's one of the most important thing. Many people stop running because they think they're tired, but really they just can't breath. Make sure you aren't gulping air by the first half mile. Throughout the entire run you should keep your breathing even and controlled.
Also, the interval runs suggested (using the telephone poles), those are an excellent way to build your strength and endurance.
Good luck.

01-07-03, 12:43 PM
Seem that you might need to develop leg strenght.
Here's some info from a page on the web;

One thing to keep in mind, when doing cycling, running or any other type of continuous long duration activity.
You are working on your "heart" muscle (cardiovascular system). Not on your leg muscles.
The load on your legs is so minimal that you are not getting training adaptations (i.e. increase in definition, leaner, firmer, strength,etc..).
You are only training your legs to have more endurance.
So, cardiovascular exercise IS NOT training your legs.
Over a very long period, it will help but it will not make significant changes.
This form of exercise is very good to burn fat though and improve cardiovascular function.
To get firmer and strong legs.
You need to do exercises like squats, deadlifts, leg presses, leg curls, step-ups, lunges.
These exercises will help you get firmer and stronger legs. Running and cycling are mostly just good to increase your cardiovascular endurance.

So after a mile, your legs tend to get tired.
I do a good number of lunges.
Some with light weights.
I also do some walking lunges on a track by this middle school.
Also some in an indoor track at the fitness center.
These will not only develop leg strenght , they will also lower your times in running.
Which should help your scores in PT.

Hope that this little bit is of some help.

Semper Fidelis

01-07-03, 01:21 PM
wow I think its my breathing that makes me want to stop though cus my chest feels really cold like im shocking them ..

yes my flex is 112 sec was not a typo :) lol, ive got good upper body strength

thanks for the tips .. ILL DEFINITLY TRY THE POLES ..


01-07-03, 02:17 PM
fartlek runs, circuit runs, run your hills. This will build your lungs and stop that chest feeling. If you have access to treadmill so that on incline as long as you can for as fast you can, then cut it to a low pace until you have you wind back and do it again. Good luck.

01-07-03, 03:53 PM
i got treadmill im cool :) lol thanks for the tips :)


01-07-03, 06:14 PM

How are you doing...miss you

i have a question...why would a fella want to quit the chest feeling ???
way out of my scope of reasoning

Be safe young Lady.....and you is a lady

01-08-03, 07:25 AM
when i run or do the flex arm i repeat my general orders over and over , or i repeat the rank structure

havent learned the Marine Corps Hym .. ALREADY LOOKING IN TO IT THANKS


01-08-03, 04:32 PM
i just got back from a run it was hell 8 miles im so sore .. i have no clue how i did it but i stopped a few times
im proud though it felt good .. thanks for the tips the breathing helped alot ..

01-11-03, 09:33 AM
I agree with Ladyleatherneck run the hills it will stengthen your legs also running in soft sand will help alot it will give you those buns of steel. As for the burning chest try to keep your mouth shut and breath thru your nose thats what nasal cavities are for warming the air up before it hits your lungs that takes time and practice but it does work. At first you will feel like you are going to smother, but once you get used to it the burning will be gone.

01-11-03, 12:28 PM
thanks im not good at the breathing im working on it .. i hit some hills today im still sore from the 8 mile but im pushen as hard as this lil body will take me my legs feel swollen like theres water balloons hanging on my legs or somthing really sux but im starten to like the pain ,, kinda wierd ..
My recruiter is making me run with him agian in a Marathan 16 miles its run going on down here the 19th so i need to get in shape fast .. i can do 8 i just dunno if i can keep up 8 to 16 is a big jump .. :) will thanks for your tips so far they are all benefiting me ..
gettin sum leg muscle ..


01-12-03, 12:29 PM
When Major gets us into a running warmup he has us do the following:

(all just faster than 1 mile pace)

1. Run 1/8 mile then rest 1 minute (3 times)
2. Run 1/4 mile then rest 3 minutes (2 times)
3. Run 1/2 mile then rest 5 minutes (1 time)
4. Repeat step 2.
5. Repeat step 1.

01-12-03, 02:03 PM
Seely- Ahhh, running pyramids. I hear pyramids do wonders for pullups, too.

01-17-03, 10:02 AM
Yes its also great for pullups. Situps and pushups though are different for me.

To help situps I will do flutter kicks with my hands on my stomach every night in chunks of 50 at a time for 3 times and between rest periods I do pushups, 3 times 50 per. After I do each is completed I do both until failure of my muscles...be careful doing this with pushups though because your face doesn't like the floor very much ;)