View Full Version : How old is too old for an infantry officer?

08-16-06, 11:17 AM
Alright, here's my "plan"

I want that title of "Marine" now. I can't wait 4 years at some anti-American college. I've waited 4 years at an anti-American high school.

So I enlisted. I'm pretty sure I'm going infantry although I haven't completely shut the door to intelligence because I know I'd serve the Corps well in both fields.

I don't ship until June 11 or the week after (Depends on intel or infantry)

What I'm wondering is, if I go infantry, get out in 4 years at 22.5 and attend 4 years of college I'll be 26.5 when I graduate and get a commission.

I'm still kind of losing motivation because I feel like I "wasted my life", as my whole goal forever has been to be a commissioned officer. I have the grades, the extra curricular activities, and everything else to get into west point. 1280 SAT, editor of the yearbook, basketball co captain, 4.5 weighted GPA, freshman year I had a 5.0 GPA.

Is it still possible to be an infantry Platoon leader (2nd Lt) at 27?

I already DEP'd in and getting out would NOT be what I want to do.

08-18-06, 07:28 AM
I had a "mustang" LT when I was in. 1st Lt at 30. My suggestion is when you are in, utilize your tuition assistance and knock out a majority of your college so when you are between enlisted and officer you shorten the time frame.

The Marine Corps also has a MECEP program for stellar enlisted.

Hope this helps some.

Semper Fi.