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08-11-06, 03:17 PM

August 11, 2006 -- A STRANGE and unfamiliar sound emanated from Hollywood yesterday - total silence.

It now looks as if the 9/11 attacks were just meant to be a tepid dress rehearsal for the big show. The atrocities that were narrowly averted yesterday - planes bound for our shores, to be blown up in midair by men who hate - prove one thing beyond doubt:

If we care to watch our children grow up, get old enough to retire to Florida, or simply live to see another dawn, we must be vigilant. We cannot relax.

The bullet we dodged whizzed by frighteningly close. That the thousands, perhaps more, that were targeted for death are alive today is testament to the success of governments in Britain and the United States. The ones so viciously maligned by the lefty set who, if allowed to dictate policy, would destroy this nation in a matter of hours.

So it was stunning not to hear the nasal voice of Barbra Streisand, slamming the president in a time of war. Just this past January, Babs was in her usual form in her incoherent blog. She wrote:

"Is this the America we have been fighting for? The Bush administration has failed once more in their [sic] mission to make American safer.

"There is an increasing anti-American sentiment in the Middle East."

John Murtha of Pennsylvania, the House's chief voice of enemy-appeasement - he's called for an unconditional cease-fire in Lebanon and said U.S. Marines "killed innocent civilians in cold blood" in Haditha - was also not in a talkative mood.

Nor was Susan Sarandon, who declared, at a peace rally in Washington after the war in Iraq commenced, that "terrorism cannot be fought with violence."

Damn, Susan. How would you fight it?

We have been reminded in violent fashion that losing our edge is tantamount to mass suicide. In Britain, a recent poll commissioned by TV documentarians discovered that nearly a third of young Muslim men agreed that the deadly bombings in England's subway and bus system in July 2005 "were justified because of British support for the war on terror."

Bloody hell.

Another survey, by The Times of London, found that 13 percent of Muslims of any age - the great majority of them of Pakistani origin - felt the bombers were "martyrs." We're talking 200,000 people, many of them British citizens, bent on the destruction of the West.

There is a war on, don't be eased into complacency. But Michael Moore was too busy gloating about pro-war Sen. Joe Lieberman's defeat in the Connecticut primary to make anti-American statements yesterday. Ditto Howard Dean.

And Alec Baldwin. And the Dixie Chicks.

But they've got time.

Don't listen.

08-11-06, 03:51 PM
I can say there is plenty more to add to that list...

George Clooney for one in my opinion;)


08-11-06, 03:55 PM
Of course they all shut up. They need to be told what the party line is in order to tow it.

08-12-06, 01:44 PM
the reason for the silence is that they cant argue with the cold blatant truth that we are at war.for one more time the fact that they have money does not mean that they are right. when the threat calms down then we will hear from them. of course this will be forgotten. but ya know what bugs me? why isnt the mainstream media on this? they should be thanking their liberal asses that it didnt happen and of course nothing.... silence.... like a bunch of spoiled damn kids that got smacked. all they are is arrogant sheep. but a wolf likes arrogant sheep too.

Zulu 36
08-12-06, 03:22 PM
The problem I see with most Hollywood liberals is their inability to seperate their fictional play-acting from reality. But then again, that seems to be a liberal failing regardless of occupation.

However, it seems to be worse for actors. They spend a few weeks playing a soldier and suddenly they "know" all about being a soldier and "know" all about war. It doesn't seem to matter what the role is actually, suddenly they "know" everything about it.

They are living proof that a little bit of knowledge is dangerous.