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Time Presents.........

70 years of SciFi Through the Eyes of Time




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most science fiction is written by experts in their field, Physicists,sociologists, mathematicians, astronomers, roboticists, and on and on. Hollywood has traditionally m,isrepresented these works, although the pioneers were writing for a primarily juvenile readership. Clark was world renowned in his field. As was Asimov. Bear, Binford, and a host of others are similiarly equipped to represent their fields, P.hd's, Masters Degrees, and years of experience at the front of what they do for a real living. Even Roddenberry had a background in space related fields. They took what they knew and said "What if?". Clark did such a thing, inventing the satellites that orbit the earth to the tune of several thousand each, that we can't seem to do with out. Remember "Beam me up, Scotty"? That technology is taking its baby steps NOW!. nano tech is not a dream. Time travel has been proven to be possible. 'though most theorys suggest there'll be no going back, only forward. Experiments with laser tech. have thus far proven this to be the case. There are many more example of this. Remeber, when most of us were children, going to the moon was considered impossible, or nearly so by the majority of the population. Some few of us remember when TV's were for the rich, or well off. Some of us remember when going to the hospital for an operation was a major risk that had to be taken. Many common operations today were only science fiction when we were younger. At each step of innovation and experiment many said there was no going any farther. At many of these cruxes in time, believe it or not were Marines.

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When this picture was taken, people in the SciFi community thought I was an alien, But I had only passed GAS!


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just eat six Oscar Myers winners.....



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wrbones did, and see what happened!!!!!!!