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07-26-06, 03:17 PM
The United Nations Oil For Jews Program
July 26, 2006
The Rogue Jew

Four so called United Nations Peace Keepers were killed in Lebanon and the Liberal Biased Media shreiks like a scared little girl…So freakin what! These so called peace keepers are soldiers stupid, and to top it off they are in a war zone.

These "Peace Keepers" are nothing more then collaborators with Hezbollah. The UN and it's wannabe World Dictator Koffi Annan has serious trouble distiguishing between terrorists who knowingly use civilians as human sheilds and a free democratic nation fighting for its survival.

Koffi Annan's call for a cease fire is nothing more then an attempt to assist the terrorists in rearming and regrouping. Hezbollah was not expecting the response it got from Israel when it began hostilities on July 12, 2006. Now they are standing in rubble and ruin with their tumbs in their asses about to get their asses kicked and are calling on the UN to help them out…Screw them and screw the UN!

While Israel is being preoccupied by the targeting of Jewish civilians with rockets, that midget wannabe Napolieon in Iran is working day and nite to build a nuclear weapon with which he has a diabolical desire to destroy Israel, America, Christians and Jews with the help of China, Russia and North Korea. Islamic Terrorists from Iran were present in North Korea when Kim Jong Il's Dong went limp and crashed into the sea. All of these players have an interest in the destruction of Israel and America.

Here in America, our liberal media has emboldened these animals (Muslims) to stay the course and wait for a Liberal Democrat to be elected President and a Democrat controlled House and Senate that will be sympathetic to the causes of Islamic Terror and turn their backs on the small Jewish nation. The only thing they need is the Jewish money that pours into the coffers of the Democratic party.

The new government in Lebanon that the UN seems to think is the victim is nothing more then a puppet controlled my the Mullahs and Imams of Iran and armed by another Islamic dictator in Syria. The people of Lebanon are Hezbollah, plain and simple. They are the enemy whether you like it or not. They look to Hezbollah as liberators not as the Terrorist thugs they truly are.

The United Nations also is nothing more then a puppet of the Oil rich arab nations that made Koffi and his son so wealthy in the UN Oil for Food Scandal that

The sympathy shown toward Hezbollah and the Lebanese people who enabled these terrorists by providing a safe haven too them is no different then ****ing on the graves of American Soldiers tortured and killed by Hezbollah and other Muslims who are practitioners of terror.

Right here in my home state of Michigan, the city of Dearborn should be renamed Camp Jihad. Hezbollah is extremely popular in Dearborn Michigan which is considered the heart of the Shiite Head population in America. Jihad fan club members watch anxiously for Hezbollah and Hamas to destroy Israel.

Political correctness being forced upon us by the liberal swine in the ACLU has mad it so that we cannot openly face our true enemy….Islam! Muslims throughout America are hiding behind the religious freedoms of America while they plot and plan Jihad and the Islamic Domination of the world. Where do you think their loyalties lie?