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07-25-06, 10:22 AM
Hello- Thank you all for taking a look at this

I have a confusing situation on my hands at the moment. Currently, I am attending a high school which does not have a JROTC program. From what I understand, and from reading info from the official MCJROTC website, you cannot attend a JROTC program in a school other than the one that you take normal classes in. And, since mine doesnt have JROTC, i need some help on what I should do, and/or what lies ahead of me. Also, I would like to know more about the Young Marine's program- I am much more familiar with this than the JROTC. But, I am not 100% sure of what to expect. If it would be of any help, I can shed some light on myself and see if the information I provide can help you all tell me what I will be able to do. I am about to turn 16 on August 13th. I am going to be starting 10th grade this September. I am currently working very hard on bringing myself up from a skinny little lanky toothpick to getting in great physical shape. I am already seeing a whole lot of improvement in my Physique. My parents seem to not have a problem with me joining the Young Marine's program. Now, I need to know where to go, what to do/ask, and when i should do these things...all in relation to enlisting in the Young Marine's program. Thank you all, any help and some shedding of light on these topics/questions at hand will be greatly appreciated.

07-25-06, 10:32 AM
If the programs aren't available to you - you're pretty much SOL. However, you do not NEED them in order to join the Corps later.

07-25-06, 10:37 AM
The one program that is near me, is the Young Marine's program at my local airbase, which is only about (at the most) 15 minutes away from me. In that case, Iguess my questions should now be directed to just the Young Marine's program. Also, although I understand the programs are not mandatory for enlistment in the USMC, I really want to be part of a disciplined program like the Young Marine's, and I think that not only me, but my family and friends as well, will see that I have turned in to a very responsible, educated, mature young man. BUt thank you for taking the tme to attend to my topic Marine84

07-25-06, 11:24 AM

I don't know how things work in regards to school zones and going to a different school in your area. Maybe you can see if there is another school with a JrROTC program? Is it possible to get a waiver or use another family member or friends address to get into that school?

Sorry. I never attended JrROTC and don't know anything about the Young Marines program. But best of luck to ya.


07-25-06, 12:20 PM
The JROTC program would be nice, but I don't think it actually would help you too much, other than getting PFC, unless you intend to go to college and take ROTC. In that case, you would be familiar with the environment of a military style classroom.

Young Marines is a great program. I have several friends that took part, and they all loved it. Looking back, I wish I would have done it instead of the Explorer Scouts program I did go through. There is also a Naval Sea Cadet program in some areas that may be of some help to you.

07-26-06, 02:42 AM
To get more information about the Young Marines you can go to www.youngmarines.com. That is the national HQ for the Young Marines. They have a unit locater and a lot of information on the porgram. As for the JROTC it doesn't have to be a MJROTC unit to earn the rank. I spent all 4 years of High School in a NJROTC unit. Learned a lot and also got promoted to E-2 outta Boot Camp

07-26-06, 08:13 AM
Thank you for the information people, I really appreciate it. Im going to look into doing one form or another of ROTC, whether it be now or later. Hope to talk to ya'll soon! Take care:cool:

07-26-06, 01:27 PM
This thread has managed to get me involved in yet another thing. But, it looks as if I am just about to be one of the newest adult volunteers for the Young Marines.

I really should stop reading things like this, I'm busy enough as it is.