View Full Version : An Apology

Stanley Hroszow
07-22-06, 09:24 AM
I need to Apologise to every one here, a few weeks ago my computer crashed, and I did not Know that some of my files were not complete. and missed the message to up date my file, and when suddenly I could not send emails or private messages on the site, and only read notes and write a few, I got up set and said I was going away, and may bee for good, but help came from a real great Marine Brother, Wind'nTheFace, who helped me get the necessary info. in my files and get back in gear here, I am sorry for getting up set, then saying that I was going to leave. and now I am staying, this place is home, so if I pull up stakes and move, I will be on at my new place, so now you are stuck with me, unless some one gives me the boot off the site :) :iwo: :flag:

07-22-06, 09:32 AM
Stanley glad to see you completed your mission;)