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07-06-02, 01:53 AM
LISTEN UP! What you learn in the Marine Corps concerning fighting skills should NEVER be used as a way of being the baddest Mother Focker around! Period. You will be men. You will be women. You will be members of MY by God Marine Corps. You will not bully people or allow anyone else to do so in MY by God Marine Corps. You WILL find other ways to screw up! Learn everything you can, cross train, Do what you're told, the way you're told, then go and learn more from those who would teach you. Cross train, Tai Kwon Do, Kung Fu, Akido, Ju Jit Tsu, and anything else you can think of or find. Run, lift weights, play basketball, ride bicycles, roller blade, climb cliffs, swim, dive, anything and everything. Cross train. You will become a weapon, one of the worst nightmares on earth to those who oppose you in your search for the right to excercise your Patriotism and to give others the right to be free! This is your ultimate commision. Do it and do it well. Concerning other things. Marines work. They work damned hard. The stories you hear of drunken revelry ARE NOT THE NORM! DID YOU HEAR ME? They are not the norm. You work hard, and party seldom, but when you do, you will party hard. You WILL sacrifice. Your time, your career, your families, your lives and the lives of others in order to accomplish the mission. The mission is your goal. What is your mission? To give others the right to be free, and to earn it for yourselves. You will be the best. You will learn things that you never ever thought of. You will come to value your brother and sister Marines, for they have sacrficed as you will. They will never let you down, and if they do, try to help them get back up. You are brothers in my by God Marines. You will conduct yourselves as such. DISMISSED and get outta my sight, til ya think it over. Ya got any questions ask. Someone around here will have the answer.

07-06-02, 02:05 AM
Loud and clear bones......:) That was motivationg and really cleared up a few things we were talking over earlier. Thanks

07-06-02, 10:32 AM
Marines are guided by a set of core values. They are honor, courage and commitment. You need to learn these first. A Marine will not use his training for anything other than for what it was designed... survival in combat/life or death situation. The core values keep Marines from misusing their training and from engaging in morally unsound behavior. It is true that you will be a lean, mean fighting machine, but you must know when to employ your skills. Not every situation requires the use of deadly force. Marines are respected for their training and capabilities. You do not need to show off just to have others notice your skills. Our skills and abilities are known around the world. Our reputation preceds us. As it will for you too. Remember, honor, courage and commitment.


07-06-02, 10:51 AM
... Core Values

U.S. Marine Corps' Core Values

Generation after generation of American men and women have given special meaning to the title United States Marine. These same men and women live by a set of enduring Core Values which forms the bedrock of their character. The Core Values give Marines strength and regulate their behavior; they bond the Marine Corps into a total force that can meet any challenge.


Honor guides Marines to exemplify the ultimate in ethical and moral behavior; to never lie cheat or steal; to abide by an uncompromising code of integrity; respect human dignity; and respect others. The quality of maturity, dedication, trust and dependability commit Marines to act responsibly; to be accountable for their actions; to fulfill their obligations; and to hold others accountable for their actions.


Courage is the mental, moral and physical strength ingrained in Marines. It carries them through the challenges of combat and helps them overcome fear. It is the inner strength that enables a Marine to do what is right; to adhere to a higher standard of personal conduct; and to make tough decisions under stress and pressure.


Commitment is the spirit of determination and dedication found in Marines. It leads to the highest order of discipline for individuals and units. It is the ingredient that enables 24-hour a day dedication to Corps and country. It inspires the unrelenting determination to achieve a standard of excellence in every endeavor.