View Full Version : For Any Marine Officers

07-14-06, 09:09 PM
For any of you Marine Corps Officers out there, how long does the average Officer stay in the Corps? I think that right now, I could possibly be accepted into a local college with NROTC, and get a commision. The only thing that really turns me away from this is the fact that if you're a Military Officer, It's Up-or-Out. I want to stay in the Corps for as long as I possibly can, And don't want to be outed, just because I didn't get promoted.

07-19-06, 01:52 AM
I did 2.5 years enlisted and another 6.5 as an officer. Retention will have alot to do with your job. So choose well (IF you get to choose at all) One option would be to get out and go to school then come back in. That way you may have a say in the job you end up with when you commission. Sometimes when they already have you they put you where THEY want you:)