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12-28-02, 11:50 PM
I joined the Marines back in July of 2002. I went to MEPS and qualified and I am now in the DEP. There were a few things that I left off my medical form. I left them off because they were things that didn't effect me anymore and things that I felt would only complicate my qualification. They included:
1. having eczema as a child, I haven't seen the doctor for eczema since I was about 8 and i don't have it now
2. having anemia, not sure which kind just know that I have a low red blood cell count which I believe constitutes as having anemia, doesn't effect me at all and never been treated for it
3. having allergies and taking allergy shots, allergies dealing with pollens and grasses, not food or clothing
4. and I forgot to mention that i broke my arm when I was 13, told the doc about other broken bones but forgot about this one, did not require surgery and healed fine

I went to my recruiters and told them that I wanted to be honest with MEPS because I felt like it is important that they know everything and that they determine what is important not me, and because I want to tell the truth. So they are in the process of sending my change of information to the docs at MEPS. I just wondered what my chances were of still qualifying and I also was wondering if there was anyway I could notify the people at MEPS that I do NOT want to be disqualified and this isn't an attempt to get out. I searched for information about this subject but I don't believe many people have done this. Any information would be appreciated and also any advice on how to explain this when I visit MEPS again. Thanks.

12-29-02, 12:20 AM
Can't answer yer questions as they've been stated. But as for how far will honesty get you?

Honesty is everything. Self respect, the respect of others, good relationships with your family and loved ones. Honour, courage, committment, they all arise from one thing. Honesty. Honesty is not easy at times, but it is best. Tact is to be well understood in the pursuit of honesty, but honesty, whether brutal or sublime in it's delivery is always best. An honest person may often stand alone, but they are the better for it. I commend you for your honesty in reportring this to your recruiters.

What have your recruiters said concerning this? Ask them first. They are better prepared to answer that question. We do have avtive duty recruiters on the site who are among the best Marines I've met. They should have an answer for you. Be patient.

I just wanted to let you know that you were not being ignored.

Good luck.


12-29-02, 04:58 AM
Regarding what Bones said about Honesty, I wouldn't waste anyones time by attempting to improve on it. <br />
<br />
MEPS has the last word, but let me try my two cents worth, (and that's all it's worth.) <br />

Art Petersn
12-29-02, 06:50 AM
In my life time I have employed quite a few people and belive me the honest ones are the only ones still with our firm. Sooner or later the lies come out.

12-29-02, 12:18 PM
It's sad, but honesty is the least rewarded trait. But, it still holds true that honesty is one of the most honorable traits existing in our world. "Be honest, it saves time" You never know when your past will come back to haunt you...

12-29-02, 01:03 PM
First they might have made you an officer for not telling the truth, but now that you have fezz up and told the truth, they might make you a grunt!

In the Corps they will ask, and expect you to tell!