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07-13-06, 06:46 AM
Hello All,
I have not posted on this site in a couple of years. I have a kinda borderline crazy question for you all. I have been asked by several people who have served in several different services about the Corps, and the service we provide. They are always amazed at the amount of knowledge we have of our history, and the Marines that came before us. The general explanation of what we learn in boot camp, and the knowledge we study for promotion boards usually answers most of thier questions.
However, recently I was in Richmond Va, enjoying a beer and was approached by a retired Col. He must have been 60-70 years old, and was sitting by himself drinking as well. We started talking about the Marine Corps, and the pride that comes along with it, and then the conversation turned to our history. Out of all of the Marines in the past, there was a few that we both enjoyed talking about.
Anyway, he asked me one question that hit me kinda hard. "What is the Marine Corps doing today, that will be remembered by the Marines of the future?" It should be a simple answer, however I found myself fumbling with an answer, and later really thinking about it. Other than the present missions around the world, what does the current state of the Marine Corps provide for future Marines?

Please don't think I'm unsure of my answer, I have came up with several good things we are doing today that will be remembered for many years to come, I just want to see everyones opinion.

Sgt H

07-13-06, 08:29 AM
You kind limit us to what we might reply...now a question for you...
What might history say about Vietnam?
I'm asking here at that time when Vietnam was on-going and I'm placing the same limits that you have placed on us.
I think, that history will say, that the Marine Corps of today, was showing the world, how to conduct operations in an urban setting.
History might also say, that the Marines of this age, are serving with the same ethos of those before them.
They are enhancing the very name Marine...

07-13-06, 08:37 AM
History is never very pretty when it involves the Corps and the current generation of Marines has made it's own. The mission it's performing today under difficult situations will be remembered and the lessons learned today in Iraq will be the critera that future generations of Marines live by. Fixed battles like Iwo, Khe San, and countless others are but the icing on the cake, throughout our histories we have slogged through every corner of the world pacifing, chasing bandits, terrorists, and insurgents. so the Corps of today's history will reflect the same history as the past. Does any what I've just written make any sense? Semper Fi.