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12-27-02, 07:25 AM
Collects dracma by robbing Greek taxicabs. <br />
Lackluster uniform appearance. <br />
Average performance with above average leadership ability. <br />
Growth potential is limited by desire. <br />

12-27-02, 07:26 AM
Blames subordinates for his deficiencies.
Barely completes minor tasks assigned.
No confidence; his demeanor can be best described as limp.
Looks like he has cotton balls in his mouth.
Completely deficient in those basic skills required of a Marine.
His production fell when his conduct was under more close scrutiny.
Exhibited little genuine interest in developing subordinates.
If he paid as much attention to his duties as to his personal appearance, he'd be outstanding.
Although not obese,...
Consistent, right or wrong.
Excuses are many, results are few.
Somewhat colorless.
A "milk toast" leadership style.
This GySgt is truly interested in becoming a Marine SNCO.
This SNCO's peaks and valleys are mountains and canyons.
He has no business being classified as a technical expert.
A serene SNCO.
He means well.
Enjoys talking on the telephone; would make a good career recruiter.
Follows the path of least resistance.
Capable of excelling when closely supervised.
Sometimes ignores the rules and policies, which he expects his troops to follow.
Unless he overcomes his literacy handicap, his growth potential will remain stagnant.
A "good ol' boy."
Usually completes projects before they're assigned.
Not an original thinker.
Relieved for caressing and kissing an Army private.
He's turning off more applicants he's than turning on.
I hope they took that picture fast; he could have passed out from sucking it in.
He has more rolls than a bakery.
Convicted of fraternization; assault with a friendly weapon.
MRO's concept of leadership is to publicly denigrate the platoon.
Has no grasp of the where-abouts of his people or equipment.
Would rather follow than lead.
Nothing on this Marine fits, including his glasses.
Presents a superficial military presence.
I've seen some soft section C's, but this guy's are quicksand.
Occasionally uses his technical knowledge.
A rhino-like toughness.
Incredibly egregious behavior.
Possesses down-home common sense.
Somebody get a rope!
Quiet, insipid, taciturn and tedious with a morose and retiring disposition.
A rather rotund individual.
Practices preventive leadership.
Relies on his high blood pressure as an excuse for maintaining a low stress existence.
Would be well served by spending more time at work and less in the weight room.
Note that the reporting senior marked him as "Happy to Have."
Worked all hours to maintain a menagerie of outdated Turkish equipment
Jumps to erroneous conclusions.
Excellent personal appearance and an exceptional conversationalist, but frequently loses his military bearing.
Various forms of counseling have failed to produce an acceptable level of performance.
An intelligent SNCO possessing excellent potential who has consistently frustrated his reporting seniors with substandard performance.
This fitness report reeks of good things about him.
E7 (name)...



12-30-02, 12:05 PM
A lot of these I would laugh at as if they were a joke. Trouble is, I've prepped a lot of FITREPS for one CO or another and I can tell you that stuff like this does indeed make it on to a Marine's FITREP.

No real reason for the dancing banana. I just felt like throwing it up there.

12-30-02, 05:21 PM
Too bad some of these people slip through the cracks even in the Marine Corps, but as long as we recruit from the human race it will continue to be so.


12-30-02, 08:45 PM
These reports reflect as much on the reporting seniors as the do about the men being reported on.

A leader's performance evaluation is determined by the performance of those he leads.

Or was that only in the 'old Corps"?