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07-07-06, 09:01 AM
This makes me "ill." I browse thru the site.. looking, replying,add new topic, and "I HAD A JOB, BUT I'M RETIRED NOW!! thank you.....and I enjoy for the most part all that is brought up, discussed, etc. What makes me ill is I sometime's get the feeling that some forget that this is a "member" site. It is owned by one person, whom has a "staff" the owner of this site has chosen to help him out. We are but guest's in our membership, free, paid, whatever. As with everything in life, there are rules, there's a time and place for everything. AND HELL NO, I'M NO SUCKING UP TO THE OWNER, STAFF i.e Moderator's!!" All of us have to remember that it is up to the owners' descretion as to what is "allowed", "tolerated", as far as topic's, etc. He can without asking anybody, preclude all of us from our replies, our Topic's, as it "BELONGS TO HIM." He has given "authority" to his "Staff" to pull a topic, lock a topic, or advise on how to, what for, etc. I for one, have had Topic's locked, removed, and moved, and I must go by what they say, as I'm not the owner. So I'm just saying....if the "Owner/Staff" decide on something, we as guests, member's, must abide, like it or not, and that's just the way it is. We also have to remember there are civilian's, friend's, Mom's Dad's, Wives, who are member's, and all of us Marines should show the utmost respect for what we say to each other, and to not openly criticize someone with "nasty" remark's, which I myself have been guilty of, and have apologized for it to the person, or said if in a disagreement, "it's great we can agree to disagree." Of course there'll always be 5-10%'rs who won't go along. I love a good discussion about things that are really important, and have some meaning. And there's been so many good one's. Let's all keep this going. Bashing each other, knocking each other, it just isn't a good thing. Hell yes I get angry sometime's at some replie's or post, and I voice my opinion about it. I am though going to watch what I say to another person "In an open forum." If I want to say some other things to the person, I'll send them a Pvt Message. This is not "spin" it's how I see it. Some may/may not agree, which is their position, not right, as I said we're all guests here, member's, and we must abide to the descretion of the sites' owner and staff. Thanks, Now carry on Maggot's.

07-07-06, 09:50 AM
A rant every now and then is good for ya.
If you can, I would prefer that you just called me a grub, although "carry on maggot" sounds a whole lot better than "carry on grub". LOL

07-07-06, 01:55 PM
Dunno...'carry on grub' has certain ring to it...might start using that...LOL