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07-05-06, 09:08 AM
Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation launches new site
Sunday, July 2, 2006
Deanna Coronado

In a mission to support families of Marines, the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation (MCSF) has awarded more than 19,000 college and vocational school scholarships totaling $28.9 million to children of Marines since its establishment in 1962.

Most recently the foundation has launched a new Internet website to help potential scholarship award recipients, donors and members of the foundation by offering quick access to the latest MCSF news and events.

The website also provides information on scholarship eligibility and donation processes. It will also connect alumni with potential student recipients and donors.

The website is perhaps a further indication that the foundation is dedicated to the success and development of the sons and daughters of Marines and former Marines.

In May 2006, the foundation doubled its educational awards to children of fallen Marines. In a press release the foundation explained that due to increased costs of higher education, the ongoing war on terrorism and a desire to do more for the children of Marines who have given the last full measure prompted MCSF to double the size of its Heroes Tribute Scholarship awards for the upcoming 2006-2007 academic year from $10,000 to $20,000 effective immediately.

The foundation further explained in its May 2006 press release that the new initiative is a major step in ensuring that just as no Marine is left behind on the battlefield, no Marine child is left behind in his or her goal of vocational training or higher education. The award will also benefit children of Navy Corpsmen who are killed in the war while serving with the Marines.

The new Internet website contains additional information pertaining to the Heroes Tribute Scholarship and further explains how the award has benefited thousands of deserving children across the United States.

The site also introduces visitors to the history and mission behind the foundation and allows businesses, organizations and individuals to easily contribute to the financial assistance the foundation provides helping MCSF support the students' educational objectives.

Through the site donors now have the opportunity to establish and fund an endowed scholarship to honor or memorialize a family member or close friend. The website will facilitate the donor's ability to reach out an seek the support of friends for the endowed scholarship through its interactive "friends asking friends" program.

MCSF President Christopher Randolph explained that the new website will ensure that the foundation can more easily and effectively serve children of Marines and former Marines as well as donors and members.

"This site offers an accessible, interactive forum for all visitors, and our team has worked hard to make it useful, informative, and highly functional" Randolph said. "Navigating around the website is genuinely easy and students and parents can read the eligibility requirements and download the scholarship application form directly from the site."

In addition to the changes made to its Heroes Tribute Scholarship, the foundation has also recently doubled its average scholarship award to $3,000 per year for children of current and former Marines.

The foundation has also proven to be a supporter of fundraising, holding a series of fund-raising balls in major cities around the country as well as golf tournaments to help raise money for its scholarships.

Additional funding is provided by generous contributions given annually by individuals, corporations, foundations and organizations.

For more information about the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation or to simply check out the foundation's new Internet website visit www.mcsf.org.