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Charles Neilson
12-26-02, 12:41 AM
Terry Condry, graduated from Platoon 275 with me, MCRD SD in early Nov 65, and also graduated from my high school class. We left for Vietnam soon after ITR and he was reported as having died. My High School class reported this in all reunions. He is not listed on the Vietnam Wall and my letter to the DoD resulted in no information or explanation. Anyone know what happened to him?

12-26-02, 01:59 AM
I just spent an hour on the web lookin. Ya got any more info? Birthday, units, rank, ya tried the National Cemetaries? Is the spelling ya posted right? I can't find **** on him, brother! Anything ya could give me would be a help.

Sofar nothing under POW/MIA, but I ain't done a thorough search in that yet.

If he got to werkin' under any of those black ops folks it'll be damn near impossible to find him unless ya run into someone who knows how to look fer that sort of thing.

I'll post some of my search results fer different sites later for folks.

I haven't done a search under his SSN or that sort of thing. Have you tried a locator service yet? Just in case yer high school's reunion committee is wrong? Hve ya checked old issues of the local paper for reports ofhis death in VN?

If you can find some of his relatives, ya might be able to file a freedom of info thing with the NARA.

Ya tried his family? Mom, Dad, brother, sister, aunt, uncles?

DO what I can for ya, but I ain't got much to go on. PM me with it if it makes ya fel funny to post that stuff.

Semper Fidelis, Marine!

Welcome Home, Brother