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07-04-06, 06:14 PM
TO anyone who can help us

My friends son. has just been discharded. he is going trough some difficulties. his mother is wondering why he doesn't have medical insurance, because the med bills are Billing high. He served for 3 years, it seems to be there is some way he can get medical insurance. Also does anyone know a smart way to speak to him to get the issues out in the open, or possibly find some sort of support groups for former marines .

only ligitamate resposes only. (please be respectful of our sensitive situation)

07-04-06, 06:28 PM
I served 27 years in the Corps, I can answer most questions and concerns, but I need more intel from you on this Marine. What typr of discharge did he get? How are you related? Whay about the VA? And...

07-05-06, 12:18 AM
The MSGT is correct, more information about the case is needed before we can come up with any way to help you. I would say the first step would be to get in touch with the VA and see what they can do though.

07-05-06, 02:58 AM
First, <br />
as a friend of the family there is nothing you can do. This former Marine needs to do it for himself or have a power of attorney appointed to represent him. <br />
Second, <br />
What type of discharge...

07-05-06, 02:59 AM
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