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06-29-06, 10:58 AM
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Seeing an Upside
Recently, a Knucklehead by the name of Steve Benson had a cartoon published in the Arizona Republic that desecrates the U.S. Marine Corps' Eagle, Globe and Anchor emblem and defames the USMC as a collection of wanton murderers. Does this event make me once again desire to choke the living sh!t out of him? Of course it does. However, after having thought on it a bit, I also see an upside.

I picture a future enemy of mine, as of yet to be determined. Who knows, could be Iran, could be North Korea, China. The possibilities of future bad guys are limitless. I picture some soldier of this yet to be determined enemy doing a Google search on his enemy, me. I imagine him reading that we in the United States Marines are murderers and killers, bloodthirsty savages. I picture him reading that a different enemy of ours (the Japs) firmly believed, that to get in to this American Marine outfit, first you had to kill your entire family. I picture him reading how American Marines are crazies, pulled from the prisons and insane asylums, crazy blood-lust parent-killing murders. I can almost feel his resolve to meet this American Marine on the battlefield slip just a little. I can see him continuing his Google search and reading how the Chinese told their troops not to attack the "yellow legs," to let them go by. Our history(fact and fiction) is full of such stories. I finally see him coming across this Steve Benson cartoon, drawn obviously by a man who hates the Corps, but who has inadvertently done us a favor. He has drawn a cartoon that, in the future, an unknown enemy will look at, which will make fear grow in his belly like a cancer. H&ll, this Hippy did us a favor. We should thank him and buy him a beer. He has made our future enemy fear us................and we haven't even gotten off the frikken boat yet.

06-29-06, 11:05 AM
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