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06-29-06, 06:32 AM

Is he right?
Or might he be proved wrong?
How will history judge this presidency?
Might this all be to close for many...
Interesting reading regardless...

06-29-06, 10:27 AM
Only time will tell if he is right or wrong. The one thing I will agree with is a choice between Bush , Kerry, or Gore really wasn't much of a choice. 9/11 did change everything for America and I believe the change was long overdue. We didn't want to admit there were people in the world that hated or envied us so much that they would commit the types of attacks that occurred on that day.

For years we stood by while we were attacked by the same people, the World Trade Center, Our Embassies, USS Khol, etc. The rest of the world watched to see what we would do, they looked for leadership. Unfortunately we looked back and did little. What used to be an act of war was treated more like a criminal act and we looked to individual countries to take action against their citizens involved in the crimes committed against us. This inaction lead our enemies to believe we as a people were weak and would not take attacks against our country as a act of war and come after them. Just like Pearl Harbor we woke up and decided we had to accept our position in the world as no longer followers, but leaders. No apology from me.

As for Bin Laden, we will get him. I would remind Mr. McIntyre we have serial killers, dope dealers, and others in our own country that have evaded justice for 5,10,20,or more years. They have hid in plain site in both large and small cities, and the mountains from the east to the west. Just as America is a large place the world is even larger. If Mr. McIntyre honestly knows where Bin Laden is please tell our military or the 1st marine he happens to see.

As for Iraq, no apolgy. Just like rats or roaches, when you chase them out of one house they will go to the neighbors around them. You kill them where they are without burning down the house, if possible. Our military acting as exterminators of these roaches say the job is getting done and we are winning, I believe them. Not the generals or the liberal media but the soldiers and marines that are there fighting the good fight. I didn't vote for President Bush in the primary, but I do not hate the man so much that I will disagree with everything he does. Hussein had every opportunity to comply with U.N. resolutions. He is the one that lead the world to believe he had WMDs and if the recent documents the pentagon has obtained are true, they have found 500 missiles with some serious chemical gas. WMDs ?

In short I will not apologize for WWII, Korea, Vietnam (my war), or Iraq. I will stand with my fellow marines until the war is won and they come home. They will decide when it is over by fighting the battles and sending the message Don't Mess With The USA, No Better Friend NO Worst Enemy! Iraq will not be decided by senators, congressmen, or the media but the American will to win.

Mike McIntyre
06-29-06, 11:06 AM
Please, I want all to know on this site that I am NO relation to Doug McIntyre. It appears my name shows up on many Liberal Media outlets. There are two on the Communist News Network (CNN), Jamie McIntyre, and a female reporter. I hope one day they wake up and realize who allows them to spout such liberal dribble in relative safety. Everyday I thank God for my life and the Armed Services for my FREEDOM!!! <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>

06-29-06, 11:12 AM
[COLOR="DarkOliveGreen"]:flag: "Very well said, Semfi01!!!" "I salute you." I can't add anything to this. It is well explained, and thanks. SF /COLOR]

06-30-06, 04:23 PM
To Mike
I wasn't referring to you in my reply. I was answering Doug McIntyre's apology that MillRatUSMC posted. Semper Fi