View Full Version : If you died in Nam, why isn't there, the name on the Wall?

06-17-06, 02:34 PM
:cry: :!: I thought no matter how you died, when you died, if you were a casualty of the OZ aka Nam, i.e. got killed, accidently, or by our enemy, or by friendly fire, the name of that person would be on the Wall. Am I wrong here? I'm just curious. Help me out if anyone knows the right scoop. Thanks SF

06-17-06, 03:25 PM

Open this link - http://thewall-usa.com/

Then click on FAQ, or - http://thewall-usa.com/FAQ/

Scroll down to Q8.

Q: How do I get a name added to the memorial for a serviceman who died as a result of his service in the Vietnam War?
A: If you feel a name should be added to the memorial, please contact The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund at their website http://www.vvmf.org/. They built the memorial and established the criteria for determining which names are engraved on it.


(all of this done by a simple Google search)


06-17-06, 03:30 PM
:flag: :banana: Thanks Al, I've been on that site finding names of some of my Marine's I served with, have CRAFT (can't remember a F****thing) (worse than CRS, as you get older LOL), anyhow, I'll pass this on. I will go to those sites as one of my Marine Friends, he wasn't put on the wall, I don't know why, he was never recovered, blown totally away.....I'll find out, once I remember his name. Thanks again Al, SF

06-17-06, 03:38 PM
Outstanding Bigal, I was always curious about that, a good friend of family was a door gunner and got it in the throat which paralyzed the guy, he didnt die for 4-5 yrs after. I just looked up his name and it wasnt there and his parents have been gone for several yrs now so I dont know where to look to find family line.DAMMIT !!! THERES A SOILDER WHO IS JUST AS DESERVING TO HAVE HIS NAME PLACED ON IT.

06-17-06, 03:42 PM
wasn't put on the wall, I don't know why, he was never recovered, blown totally away

Therein may lie the reason, however it may or may not be, and I don't judge the fairness.

FYI - at 'The Wall' this year, on Memorial Day, there were 4 names added. Not only was the day hot as hell but me eyes were leaking the entire time.