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07-05-02, 09:00 AM
Curious if anyone knows what the requirments are for the initial Strength test at Boot Camp? What and/or where could u get some sort of a training regimen so a person could work on it to gain endurance beore he/she goes off to Camp??..... thx for any info you might have , Morgan

07-05-02, 09:07 AM
The Initial Strength Test is made up of three events. Pull ups, crunches and a mile and a half run.

The minimum requirements for these events is:

Pull ups 3
Crunches 50 (two minute time period)
Run 12:30

You must be meeting the standards in order to ship. If you get to recruit training and cannot mee the minimum requirements, you will not enter training and will be assigned to Physical Conditioning Platoon, PCP. You will remain there for a minimum of three weeks or until you can pass all the standards to begin training.

The best way to prepare for boot camp is to actually practice these events. Don't get wrapped up in the gym lifting weights. It is a good idea to cross train, however, the best way to prepare for recruit training is to workout on these events. Your local recruiter should have a workout schedule. He has a book called the 365-day workout book. It contains training schedules to prepare for boot camp.


07-09-02, 08:23 AM
hey isx? do recruitors actually have per say a training guide or somthing a person could follow so they have a structure to follow...It would help then because u could work on the proper stuff, thx six...see ya buddy...

07-09-02, 04:56 PM
A lot of the information you have asked about is contained in a Welcome Aboard Package. This is given to every new Depper after they complete their enlistment process. I am trying to get you one in preparation for you joining. Send me a mailing address when you get a chance so I can have one sent.


07-11-02, 06:04 AM
I know that they are suppose to give a welcome aboard package when the dep-in but one thing I noticed it that alot of them don't. When I was on RA the guys who depd in dint get any for some reason. Maybe out but I hear that alot that they dont' get them. Maybe they just run out cause we enlist so many people.

07-11-02, 09:42 AM
Just want to get some info for a friend, Ok well me and him were supposed to go in together and now he got in trouble...he has 2 thefts on his record as a kid back when we were young...bout 14 and i think the other he was 16 both misdimeners...well he also has a domestic abuse one when he was 18 and now he is 22 so he kept clean and that is also a misdimenor...well he did 17 months paper i believe and now he pled no contest to a 3rd degree felony, basically some girl said they had sex and it is b.s. i know he didn't do it cause i was with him at a movie, but anyway he now has 4 years of probabtion and has to register as a sexual offender...for 15 more, but he still wants to go, i mean the guy isnt bad at all, he and his wife got into it and thats why the domestic, and the other things we were just kids ... but i guess what i'm asking is , can he, after his probation time get in the corps still???? he called his recruitor and he said it would be alot of waiver froms, and he cant go while on paper, but after the paper can he get in even though he has to register still, he can leave the state so he isnt binded here, so getting to camp is all good...sorry bout dumping all this out in the open but he said it was cool and really wants to go, and i wana go with him, we kinda been through alot and i'm goin try to stick by my buddy :) thx for any info