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12-22-02, 08:09 AM
From here on my mind begins to fade in its memories, this is the first of a long series of events and encounters with the enemy that my mind begins to get things all mixed up.

This event, getting sniped at and a Marine getting hit, I re-call often in my dreams.

In memories faded and fearful. I see the puff of smoke hear the sound of the bullets coming, and going by but they are from such a long distance that I am not fearful. If they hit me, I am thinking they won't hurt much, and I think this also in my dreams. The enemy I too far away, I recall, but in my dreams I can see them, rise up out of their spider holes and fire at us.

But in reality they were on a hillside a good distance away. I recall going toward the Dai Loc Bridge and the enemy bullets striking behind and around us, but we didn't hurry along. They were too far away for us. I didn't bother to turn the gun and fire at them. They would be hidden by the time the bullet found them. We just moved on toward the bridge.

Don't remember the firefight at the bridge. It all begins to get all tangled up from here on and my tour of duty is only half way there.

12-22-02, 08:10 AM
3rd Battalion 7th Marines,

1st Marine Division
3rd Battalion 7th Marines
India Company
Unit Diary Location - Dai Loc

20 June 1967
Philemon, Henry A. Jr.LCpl WIA

19 July 1967 Group Entry
Moore, Ronald A. LCpl KIA
Stroker, Kenneth G. Pvt KIA
McGinley, John J. Jr. Pfc WIA
Turner, James Jr. Pfc WIA

7 August 1967
Grewelding, Wallace D. LCpl WIANE

14 August 1967
Williams, Jackie G. LCpl WIANE

20 August, 1967
Patrick, Ronald S. Cpl WIANE

4 September, 1967
Bouchart, Ronald R. Pfc WIA

12 September 1967
Reid, Harold Erich Pvt MIA

15 September, 1967 Group Entry
Cortaze, Joseph D. Jr. 1stLt WIA
O'Farrell, Arthur S. Jr. LCpl WIA

15 September, 1967
Perez, Louis P. LCpl WIA

21 September, 1967
Stiteler, Edgar Cpl WIA

23 September, 1967 Group Entry
Berge, David W. Pfc WIA
Stoddard, Billy R. LCpl WIA

10 October 1967
Erie, Carl E. LCpl WIA
Wilcox, Everett J. Sgt. WIANE

11 October 1967
Islib, Douglas G. Sgt. WIA

12 October 1967
Tucker, Thomas T. Jr. Pvt WIA

18 October 1967
Dixon, Terry J. LCpl WIA

25 October 1967
Sotzen, Harold J. LCpl KIA

02 November 1967
Moore, Robert Everett KIA

08 November 1967 Group Entry
Dixon, Terry J. Cpl WIA
McAndrews, Edward A. Pvt WIA,
O'Mearns, Jimmy D. Sgt. WIA,

08 November 1967
Vancleef, Darrel W. LCpl WIA

08 November 1967
Thomassen, Bruce E. Ssgt WIANE,

09 November 1967
Peterson, Bruce E. Pfc WIANE

11 November 1967
Vancleef, Darrel W. LCpl WIANE

14 November 1967
Sessions, Robert S. Cpl WIANE

19 November 1967 Group Entry
HC3 Doc Robertson, Charles Edward KIA
Wilson, Robert B. Lcpl KIA
Williamson, Joel S. Sgt. KIA
Peterson, Mark C. Cpl. KIA

19 November 1967 Group Entry
Faithful, Boyd L. Jr. 2ndLt WIA
Nelson, Jon Q. LCpl WIA
Tully, Robert E. SSgt WIA

19 November 1967 Group Entry
Boyd, Jonathan H. Cpl WIA,
Cole, Thomas J. LCpl WIA
Duran, Felix L. Pfc WIA,
Isaacs, Lawance M. Sgt WIA
Keenan, Ralph P. Cpl WIA
Keeton, Ward S. Jr. LCpl WIA
Lucero, Lionel G. LCpl WIA
McCullough, Lee H. LCpl WIA,

Patrick, Ronald Cpl WIA
Saunders, Charles R. Jr. WIA,
White, Robert Jr. Cpl WIA,

20 November 1967 Group Entry
Dumont, Gerald Cpl WIA,
Howard, Robert W. Cpl WIA,
Hullihen, Ira H. Cpl WIA,

21 November 1967 Group Entry
Aguilar, Steven P. LCpl WIA,
Barela, Refujio M. LCpl WIA
Cuch, Herman R. Cpl WIA,
Jones, Michael J. Cpl WIA,
Stamford, Zaryl F. Sgt WIA,
Whiteside, Calvin J. Sgt. WIA,

21 November 1967 Group Entry
O'Neil, Vaugle T. Pfc KIA,
Taylor, Charles N. III Pfc KIA,

21 November 1967 Group Entry
LaJeunesse, Herman. Jr Cpl WIA,
Chambers, Leroy C. Jr. Cpl WIA,
Keenan, James J. Cpl WIA,
Perry, James F. LCpl WIA,
Pridemore, Keith G. LCpl WIA,

21 November 1967
Ezell, Jerry D Pfc WIANE,

21 November 1967
Imperial, Dennis S. Pfc WIA,

21 November 1967 Group Entry
Parish, William L.LCpl WIA,
Whitaker, Herbert E. LCpl WIA,

23 November 1967
Soule, Joseph D. Cpl WIA,

24 November 1967 Group Entry
Burdge, William C. Cpl WIA,
Joslin, Frank L. Sgt WIA,

26 November 1967
DeMunda, Gerald A. LCpl KIA,

26 November 1967 Group Entry #1
Brown, Gary D. Cpl WIANE,
Delarino, Victor R. Sgt WIANE,
Dumont, Gerald N. Cpl WIANE,
Dustin, Dennis LCpl WIANE,
Olson, Richard Pfc WIANE,
Rahm, Ira. B. LCpl WIANE,

26 November 1967 Group Entry #2
Henderson, Donald R. Pfc WIA,
Soubble, Jerome V. LCpl WIA,

26 November 1967 Group Entry #3
Dolison, Leroy Pfc WIA,
Gonzalez, Harry Pfc WIA,
Morales, Evaristo Cpl WIA,
Morris, Roger D. Pfc WIA,
Prescott, Glenn S. Pfc WIA,

26 November 1967
Gonzalez, Leonard E. Pfc WIA,

27 November 1967
Coleman, Jery R. Pfc WIA,

27 November 1967 Group Entry
Saylor, Mark S. Pfc WIA,
Welsh, Edward J. LCpl WIA,

21 December 1967
Rodriguez, Richard Pvt WIA,

12-22-02, 08:15 AM
Thanks for being there at my side. We shared the same fear, lock-n-loaded we dreamed together, at times we drank from the same canteens and felt tha pain of war, and deep sorrow fro what we lot in battle.

Thanks to all of you here for being with me and taking this tour of duty, together.

Your presence here is felt, and the Marine Spirit in us was present there from those before us and afterwards.

It helped then and we are here now, for those that go on after us and are at war today.



12-23-02, 07:51 PM
I was at home, when I looked out my window and I recognized the guy that was walking by. He was Michael Jones, my gun team leader from Vietnam. I have never had a dream about Jones, but he remains one of the individuals that I would truly like to find.

He was a hell of a machine gunner, and would fill in many of the memories I have forgotten. He was still with the platoon when I was medevacked, but gone when I came back. I haven't seen him since.

In the dream, he recognized me, right away and we hugged and talked and laughed and I shared with him how, so many of us have found each other again, after 35 years since Nam and how we are now coming together and meeting, and how we had been looking for him.

It seemed like someone else, knew where he was all that time,but had never said anything.

He took me to his place of work, where his wife also worked and it was an empty warehouse, where they mixed paint. All sorts of color of paint, he was glad to see me, but we didn't talk about Vietnam, but about ourselves and our lives and how life has treated us. I would like to see him again.

<EMBED SRC="http://www.jusd.bizland.com/Rock.mp3" AutoStart="TRUE" Volume="75" Loop="FALSE" Height="22" Border="0" Width="145" Controls="SmallConsole">

A winter's day in a deep and dark December
I am alone
Gazing from my window to the streets below
On a freshly fallen silent shroud of snow

I am a rock, I am an island

I've built walls, a fortress deep and mighty
That none may penetrate
I have no need for friendship, friendship causes pain
It's laughter and it's loving I disdain

I am a rock, I am an island

Don't talk of love, well I've heard the word before
It's sleeping in my memory
I won't disturb the slumber of feelings that have died
If I'd never loved, I never would have cried

I am a rock, I am an island

I have my books and my poetry to protect me
I am shielded in my armor
Hiding in my room, safe within my womb
I touch no one and no one touches me

I am a rock, I am an island
And a rock feels no pain
And an island never cries


05-10-08, 10:55 PM
You have me on you list twice. It is correct.

I was in I 3/7 2nd platoon. I was wounded 18 Oct 8 Nov

Semper Fi

Terry Dixon
I 3/7 1967