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06-12-06, 08:46 AM
My name is Jordan, I am 17 years old, just graduated from highschool and I have decided (for some time now) that I want to become a marine. The only problem is that I do not currently live in America. I am an American citizen, but my parents live in saudi arabia, and I am staying with friends in Toronto, Canada. I plan to take the asvab at the American embasy in toronto, but it will be a problem getting all of my stuff to south carolina for bootcamp. What should I do?
1. When I go to sign up can I just take a bus to south carolina and attend bootcamp directly after signing my contract? If not what are/ where can I find the list of bootcamp ship out dates?
2. I have heard from people that it is now an option for new recruits to sign up for mos 0321 (recon man), which you previously needed atleast 4 years of experiance and a refal from your co. Does anybody have more information on this, I have good act scores and I am a stellar athlete so I wanted to try out for force recon.
3. Please give me any information you guys think might be helpfull to me, I know you guys are the best of the best and that you must have went through hell and then some to get that honor, and I want to be as prepaired as possible before boot in november (when I turn 18) so that I can do the same too. Semper fi,

06-12-06, 09:16 AM
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Since you are a US citizen you need to have parental consent to joing the Marine Corps. Isuggest that you go see a recruiter in Niagra Falls or Buffalo to get yourself started.

Esentially you do not need to take anything with you except for what you are wearing at the time, you will get everything issued at Parris Island when you arrive or shortly afterwards. As far as recon goes. I understand that there is something that can be done to be recon, but check with the recruiter he/she can give you the good scoop.

06-12-06, 10:12 AM
Until your 18th birthday, your parents will still need to give consent for you to join. You will most likely find this to be the hardest obstacle to overcome.

Get though the Parental Consent phase first....

06-12-06, 05:26 PM
the thing is I alredy talked that over with my parents, they arnt hot on the war or me joining the marines so I really cant sign up any earlyer than november 8th when I turn 18.

06-12-06, 08:46 PM
Working on your education and getting in shape now will certainly help you when November rolls around. Get in contact with a recruiter and start getting ready. You can even talk about being a "Direct Shipper" when you are able to join in November.