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12-21-02, 07:06 AM
"Spirit" of the Corps

By........Robert D. Wenger

The ambush came as darkness fell.
It gave me my first glimpse of hell.
When I arose and looked around,
All my squad was hit and down.
"The Sarge" and "Pete" and "Doc's" down too!
But I knew what I had to do.

With my buddies gone, I was alone.
Returning fire, I was on my own.
My fighting hole was good and deep.
Oh! How I wished that I could sleep.

Then a man dropped over the parapet,
A young Marine, all lean and fit.
His uniform was clean and neat.
He dropped a bandolier at my feet.
"We heard your ammo was running low
So I volunteered to go."
How does he keep so squared away?
We've been in the boonies 15 days.

"I didn't see you coming," I quietly said.
"if you were 'Charlie,' I'd be dead."
"It was darker than this on Peking's wall.
There we had no moon at all.
If you need anything else, just say a prayer."
Then he was gone; I knew not where.
Peking's wall? Was I being goaded?
The hell with him. I locked and loaded.

As the sun rose, my mouth went dry.
God! Give me a drink before I die.
He came again, from where, who knows?
And dropped a canteen at my toes.
"I got so dry on Peleliu,
I'd have sold my soul for a drop or two.
Now make yourself a cup of joe,
And keep to cover; I've got to go."
Peleliu? What did he mean?
He surely was an odd Marine.

In the heat of day, I unzipped my vest.
A sniper's round hit me in the chest.
He was there again by my side,
Stopping the blood to save my hide.
"I was hurt worse than you
At a place in Korea they called Chonju."
I looked at him. How could that be?
This Marine looks younger than me.

"Word has just come down; you'll be OK.
A relief platoon is on its way.
They're humpin' hard, be here by noon.
A corpsman should be with you soon.
Good luck, Mac. No need to stay.
I'll see you on a better day.
Come see me when your job is done.
I stand first watch: Post Number One."

As he rose to go, he looked so old.
That's when I saw his wings unfold...