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12-21-02, 06:55 AM
Last Respects

By......Sam Crowe

The clouds drizzled down
Onto the new-turned ground.
The priest made the sign of the cross
And felt the familiar sense of loss.
The sodden gravedigger began his task,
And the priest turned to go at last.
One man stood apart from the rest,
Dressed up in his very best.

"Pardon me" the priest said, walking near.
"Were you kin to the man buried here?"
"No," said the man who stood in the rain.
"Neither our kin nor paths were ever the same."
"Then why," the priest could only wonder,
"Come out here in the rain and thunder?"
"I read the paper," the man replied,
"About the living and those who've died."

"Though he was someone I've never seen,
He was once a fellow Marine.
He had no kin, nor any other,
But, in me, he had a brother."