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07-05-02, 07:33 AM
Good morning Marines, I seen a friend of mine yesterday that told me about this site and decided I'd better check it out. So far I like what I have seen. I hope every one had a pleasent Fourth of July.

07-05-02, 07:47 AM
JRtheSTAR, always glad to see another Marine.

07-05-02, 09:57 AM
Semper Fi, Flat lander welcome To the Family!

07-05-02, 04:26 PM
I like to see some fresh meat, but where we gonna put 'em. Where's a Gunny when ya need one.... probably at the E-club again. Come on in , bud. we'll find a place for ya.

07-05-02, 06:31 PM
Thanks for the welcome, how does one get a beer here? Do I need to bring my own?

07-05-02, 06:50 PM
JRtheSTAR Wlcome Home Bro and Welcome to the Best Marine Site on the net.

We have Veteran Marines from WW II to the Present. Hope yopu enjoy your stay here. Stop over to the Slope Shute and Gary and I will give you a few drinks on the house.

There are many VietNam Vets in here including myself.

So Again Welcome Home and Welcome Aboard!!!!!!!!



PS: Stop into the chatroom and get to know us.

07-05-02, 06:52 PM
If there ain't any in that converted foot locker, we might have to drop by the Slop Shute. Good place to go, and some of the wimmin even wear nuthin' but bikinis! Pool table leans a bit to the left though, so be careful.

07-05-02, 08:10 PM
welcome aboard JR, have a cold one on me!:D