View Full Version : History Channel - A.F. Ahh-Ooooo!

06-02-06, 10:04 PM
Don't know if you caught the segment on the H.C. this last week, I was just going out the door to work. Apparently in the late 40's or 50's an Air Force Bomber left Savannah, Georgia on a scramble with a nuclear bomb aboard. Somewhere over South Carolina someone inadvertantly turned the wrong knob and opened the bombay doors and the bomb dropped on some poor farmer's property. Luckily the bomb was not armed at the time but the detonators exploded and about destroyed the farmhouse and left a crater in the ground about 4 feet deep and 40 feet across. The Air Force kept this low profile and did not want to create attention to its error and gave the farmer $1000 for his trouble.
Most of us have been in similar situations when all you can say is "Oh Sh*t"!!
Next to "Semper Fi" , I think this is the most used motto in the Corps as I recall. As for myself, I'd rather be "Lucky" than "Good" anyday - and this motto has served me well, not only during my stay in the Corps, but also in civilian life !! SF