View Full Version : T'was The Night Before Christmas In Afghanistan

12-19-02, 10:32 AM
Author Unknown

T' was the night before Christmas and all through the Land
They're running like rabbits in Afghanistan
Osama's been praying, he's down on his Knees
He's hoping that Allah will hear all his Pleas
He thought if he killed us that we'd fall and Shatter
But all that he's done is just make us Madder
We ain't yet forgotten our Marines in Beirut
And we'll kick your butt, with one heavy Boot

And yes we remember the USS Cole
And the lives of our sailors that you bast--ds Stole
You think you can rule us and cause us to Fear
You'll soon get the answer if you live to Hear
And we ain't forgotten your buddy Saddam
And he ain't forgotten the sound of our Bombs
You think that those mountains are somewhere to Hide
They'll go down in history as the place where you Died

Remember Khadhafi and his Line of Death?
He came very close, to his final Breath
So come out and prove it, that you are a Man
Cause our boys are coming and they have a Plan
They are our fathers and they are our Sons
And they sure do carry some mighty big Guns
They would have stayed home with children and Wives
Till you bast--ds came here and took all these Lives

Osama I wrote this especially for You
For air mail delivery by B-52
You soon will be hearing a thud and a whistle
Old Glory is coming, attached to a Missile
I will not be sorry to see your a-- Go
It's Red, White, and Blue that is running this Show



12-29-02, 09:17 PM
Jellybean asking Permission to copy this and post it in my recruiting office ??