View Full Version : Poetry and the American Spirit

05-29-06, 01:41 PM
Once at the library, I read the title of book on poetry.
"A picture done by words"
Well, that would describe what AmyG, The Sandman and Zemil have done.
I just wrote or type the names in alphabetical order, but I hold each in the highest of regards.
Because in times, when some see or think they see things wrong with this nation or it's government.
These poems paint us a different picture.
They paint what right and will always be right.
I'm fortunated to live in the same time as these young folks.
Who give evidence that there hope and always will be hope.
Gracias for showing me that the American Spirit is alive and doing well.
It's an honor to host all of your poems.
Small plug here for all your poems and my dear friend and fellow Marine L/CPl Bruce Knipp USMC-Swift-Silent-Deadly
I an't bashful about wanting the world to see the American Spirit...