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07-04-02, 08:56 PM
I just found your website and so far I am very impressed by not only the layout of the site, but also by the amount of members that you have.

Semper Fi!!!!


07-04-02, 09:48 PM
Semper Fi, Marine..Welcome Bro..Place has OPEN forum and Good Chat room..Enjoy. Recon Ed!!

07-05-02, 05:33 AM
Find a rack, grab a beer, and relax. They're gonna have to open up the old recieving barracks at this rate. Might have to steal ya a footlocker somewhere, though.....;)

07-05-02, 06:29 AM
been here for 3 days, but new to the forum's...glad to be around so many great and honorable people ...Glad to be able to talk to suck great men and women..

07-08-02, 12:19 PM
and Welcome to the Slop Shute Recon_Ed, pull up a bar stool and have a cold one on the house :)

07-08-02, 01:26 PM
Semper Fi , Ed. Make sure ya get Chesty to pour you a cold one when you finally settle in. Don't let bones mislead you with improper terminology - the correct Marine Corps term for obtaining a footlocker is 'procurement' - not 'steal'.
(Ya know, bones was in Tustin for a long time, and I suspect there was probally alot of left over helium from the derigible days.) LOL Either that or JP-4....

Semper FI


Anytime/Anywhere HML-267

07-30-02, 06:41 PM
Welcome to Leatherneck.com:classic:
Don't be bashful,It's going to be great hearing from an old salt like you.S/F

08-25-02, 05:24 PM
Just joined this site. 1st time here, I am really impressed with it. I have forwarded some information obtained here to my brother in Australia. USMC RVN 1/9.

To all the Nam Vets out there Welcome Home My Brothers. Semper Fi.

08-25-02, 05:36 PM
Welcome Nam Bro,
Semper Fi, Marine

08-25-02, 05:48 PM
Docdan48 Welcome Aboard and Welcome Home. Always glad to see another Veteran Marine.

Glad to see you like this site. We have Marines from WW II to the present as members. You will have to stop in the chatroom. We have good conversations in there and talk about everything and anything.

Again: Welcome Aboard and Home.