View Full Version : Never leave a brother behind

12-17-02, 12:45 PM
We all know that there are times when it becomes necessary to do so. It is well known the battles sites are not pretty places. Some bodies during the trench wars of WWI have never been recovered to this day. Some were never recovered from the battlefields of the Civil War. Mud, swamps, rivers and oceans....or sometimes just not enough left of a brother to pick up. Some were captured and made prisoners of war... But the effort must be made. It is a part of who we are. It is why we fight for each other. It is why we make sure those under us are so well trained. It is why we take care of each other, on and off the field of battle. We are brothers and sisters. Family.

The principle might well be applied to other things. Many have become active in Veteran's issues and affairs. Many visit the local VMAC. Many go to the local shelter to serve. Many help to this day. Ensuring that their brothers and sisters are not left behind. We help each other fill out those interminable forms for the VA. We give each other rides to our various appointments. We keep each other company thru those sometimes hellish nights of dreams, cold sweats, doubts and tears. We look after the widows and family, at least til we know that they are goin' to make it on their own, if nothing else. Some help another get their education. Others hire Veteran's first, if they have the choice. Sometimes, just sittin' and havin' a beer together is all we can do or all we really expect. Others spend most of their days on websites like this. Doing what they can when they can.

If there's a way, let's figure how we can keep from leaving one another behind once that uniform comes off and we walk out the front gate that last time.....

Civilian life is just another field of battle. Let's do what we can to leave no one behind here.