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12-15-02, 08:16 AM
(from a WW II WR--about Lou Diamond-fr post dtd 14Dec02 GyG's OSMT-Weblog)

Lou Diamond information
by Billie Redding Lewis Billie Redding Lewis (no login)

There is a slight error in the message was sent to you about Lou Diamond. According to the record you were given he came from the Pacific in '43 and in 12 days was in S.C.

He was at the San Diego Marine Corps Depot in August of '44 for I saw him, the Legend. He had a goatee, no hat, no field scarf, but sharp otherwise. One of women Marines complained to the Base Commander that Lou Diamond wouldn't salute her. The Commander replied, "Lieutenant, Diamond salutes only the Commandant of the Marine Corps." Later when I learned his history I was thrilled to have seen him and have been a fan of his ever since. I thank you for putting his bio on Internet. You have done a great service to many. Billie Redding Lewis, one of those Women Marines of WWII who were not liked by the "old salts." I could understand that, but those who had not been indoctrinated into the military life were insulted.

Again, thanks.

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