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05-06-06, 08:02 AM
May 6, 2006
The Morning Call

Soldier's mother ordered to remove flag
Homeowners group says Marine emblem could set precedent.
The mother of a U.S. Marine serving in Iraq tried to honor her son's service by flying a U.S. flag with a Marine emblem on it, but a homeowners association ordered it removed.

Bylaws of the Pinecrest Community Association bar all flags except the U.S. flag. Neighborhood association president David Hurley said the group had nothing against the Marines but was concerned that the flag could set a precedent and ''somebody else could hang a flag with another imprint on it that could be offensive.''

The association also asked Cathy Andreacchio and her fiance, Mike Devita, to reduce the number of yellow ribbons in their Montgomery Township yard.

Andreacchio said she is willing to replace the flag with the Marine emblem with a U.S. flag without the emblem, but is not willing to remove the ribbons.

She hung eight yellow ribbons when Lance Cpl. Anthony Chonofsky, 20, left for an eight-month tour of duty and plans to take one down each month until his return. Hurley said the community doesn't have any rules against yellow ribbons, so she can keep them.