View Full Version : Semper Fidelis

12-12-02, 07:20 PM
By David A. Bounds

Every time I heat their Hymn
And see their Emblem glisten
Glorious struggles come to mind of
Liberty secured…homeland defended
Echoes from the past resounding. Semper Fidelis

Germans knew them as ‘Devil Dogs’
Leathernecks displayed uncommon valor
On land, at sea, in the air they fight
Bravely protecting and securing our rights
Echoes from the past resounding. Semper Fidelis

America’s Marines stand guard still today
Never wavering from their firm commitment
Determined to keep those echoes ringing. Semper Fidelis

Although many have fallen over the years
Never concerned about their plight
Corps values have secured their role…
Heaven’s gates are now defended
Old Breed Marines leave those streets of gold
Resounding with shouts of Semper Fidelis