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05-05-06, 06:27 AM
A few words from me to you...might this poem be timely now that we're fighting and some dying in Afghanistan and Iraq...when it done will we give meaning to their deaths?...
The word "soldiers" is being used generic like, I think the author meant all...

The Young Dead Soldiers

The young dead soldiers do not speak.
Nevertheless, they are heard in the still houses:
Who has not heard them?
They have a silence that speaks for them at night,
And when the clock counts.
They say: We were young. We have died.
They say: We have done what we could,
But until it is finished it is not done.
They say: We have given our lives but until it is finished,
No one can know what our lives gave.
They say: Our deaths are not ours: they are yours,
They will mean what you make them.
They say: Whether our lives and our deaths were for,
Peace and a new hope or for nothing we cannot say,
It is you who must say this.
We leave you our deaths. Give them their meaning.
We were young, they say. We have died;

by Archibald MacLeish,
1892-1982, American Poet

Remembering many of my fellow Marines,
Who died in Vietnam,
Have we given their deaths meaning?

Part of long poem, but I like these words
Was man made stupid to see his own stupidity?
Is God by definition indifferent, beyond us all?

05-05-06, 08:05 AM