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Borneo,December 1962,The North Kalimantan National Army launched a revolt in Brunei aimed at seizing power from the Sultan and preventing the accession of Brunei to a federation of Malaysia.The rebels backed by Indonesia,moved on key positions in Brunei and in parts of Sarawak and North Borneo.At Limbang and Seria the insurgents seized British hostages and American Peace Corps Volunteers. Seria was retaken on the 10th of December,and on the same day L Company of 42 Royal Marine Commando,who had been in Singapore in the run up to Christmas were put on standby to move to Brunei.Two days later they were in Borneo along with Commando HQ.Their mission was to rescue the hostages in Limbang who had been placed under sentence of death by the rebel forces.It had been decided to assualt Limbang from the Borneo River using two commandeered cargo lighters operated by Royal Navy crews.On the morning of the 12th December.The Marines made their way up the Borneo River to Limbang where fourteen hostages under sentence of death were being held at a Police Station.The plan was to assault the town by first light.As L Company neared the target,the rebel forces opened fire with machine guns and other weapons.The Marines opened up with mounted Vickers machine guns and landed from both craft.In the fire fight two Marines were killed.More fighting was to follow and by the time the battle was finished L Company had lost a total of five men killed and had seven wounded.All hostages were rescued.The 12th of December is remembered as Limbang Day,and L Company renamed Limbang Company in Memory of those five dead Marines who made the ultimate sacrifice on December 12th 1962.

Take these men for your example.Like them, Remember that prosperity can only be for the free,That freedom is the sure possession of those alone who have the courage to defend it.Aye JR

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Merry Xmas and a happy New Year Royal. prob one of last time on here for a while as deploying early jan.
i'll be the good looking one on the box with the green lid on the ark


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Safe journey, and make sure you use your round trip ticket in first class accomodations.


Happy Birthday, Marine!

Semper Fi

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Harry, you have a safe trip and expect to see you back on here after you return home...........Early Happy Birthday to you and a very Merry Christmas............

We who have served and still are serving know how high the Price of Peace is...........We are with you always and we pray for your safe return home..........



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merry xmas to u and thanks
talk next summer

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harrymac, you ****ing will report back here upon completion of yer mission, Marine!

Go with God, brother!

(And tell us what the ladies over there are wearing under all those hoods and blankets, would ya......)

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Good on ya! Harry,Keep well,and take care.An'after I met 'im all over the world,a-doin'all kinds of things, Like landin' 'isself with a Gatlin'gun to talk to them 'eathen kings;

Rob Parry
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H have a good trip, any chance of bringing me back a T62 or something similar to clear the traffic buildups? Keep smiling.