View Full Version : "Where Are The People"

12-10-02, 07:17 AM
(By Sgt.James Groves, USMC)

Time to get up, for this is the day,
It happens just once every year
A day to be solemn and proudly say,
We remember, and perhaps shed a tear.

Today we pay tribute to our Nations dead
With salutes, with parade and with song,
Inspiring speeches are faithfully read,
Throughout this land to which we belong.

As I look out over this quite place,
And think about who rests here,
I imagine each person a familiar face,
Or a loved one someone holds dear.

Over there is George, he died at Bull Run,
There's Alex, he was on San Juan Hill,
Here lies Robert, he was killed in Verdun,
And on Iwo,a motar got Bill.

From Korea they finally brought Allen home,
And Brian was brought back from Nam,
From a new operation called Desert Storm,
One of the few who died was Tom.

But where are the people on this special day?
Have they forgotten what this day is for?
In the distance I hear children at play,
But the sound of the parade is no more.

Perhaps they'll come later, their tribute to pay,
Surely they won't forget those who rest here,
Each new generation will respond in its way,
To remember this day every year.

The sun sets now, few people have come,
Seeking names on markers shown,
No one visited me, but I am now home,
On my marker is written, "Unknown"