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04-24-06, 12:37 AM
Hey all, I asked my recruiter this question in the e-mail I sent him, but unfortunatly he has yet to get back to me and I'm still a bit in the dark here.

I was wondering if anyone could fill me in on some of the specifics regarding how prior college experiance is looked at, generally speaking, when first signing on. I do not have my bachelor's degree, however I am very close to getting my associate of arts degree (I have something like 54 units and I believe the requirement is 60, and each class gives 3 units). The thing is, to get my AA I'd have to spend another full semester in school, and I honestly think that time would be better served working and saving money and preparing myself for life in the Marine Corps.

So what I am curious about is where the line in the sand is drawn when it comes to college experiance below the bachelor's degree level. Is it having the actual associate's degree that counts, or would my 54 completed units officially count as prior college experiance as well? Would enlistment options and MOS selection or things of that nature be the same with either the AA degree or the credits themselves?

I would really appreciate any insight or advice anyone can give on this matter.

04-24-06, 04:03 PM
Update: I spoke with the councillor at my school today, and it turns out that the last person told me I needed 6 additional units after this semester, when really I only need 6 units now, and I am currently enrolled for 15 units at the moment.

I get my degree after all! :yes:

04-25-06, 08:57 AM
Honestly you only need 15 credits and that will get you PFC (E2) out of Boot Camp. I enlisted after completing my Bachelors Degree (130 credits). Those 130 credits got me.....wait for it.....PFC out of Boot Camp!!! Good luck to you.